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50 pound striper lake ouachita. Guide Ben Sanders.Striped Bass Fishing was first introduced to Arkansas in 1956 when Lake Ouachita received 27 N. Carolina Stripers.
Now striper fishing is the fastest growing segment of sport fishing in Arkansas. There just isn't a tougher fighting fish in freshwater.

  • When is the last time you had 100 Feet of line stripped off your reel......
  • When is the last time you had your 7 inch lure knocked 3 feet into the air......
  • When is the last time you fought a fish for 10 minutes before netting..............
  • When is the last time you used 12 inch bait fish.......
  • When is the last time you caught a single fish in excess of 40lbs......

WELL you haven't been Striped Bass Fishing on Lake Ouachita have you?

Until you have cast a top water plug into stripers in a surface feeding .... tail spacking frenzy .... you, my friend, have not fished.

When a Trophy Striper explodes on a surface lure, it's comparable to the unexpected fall of a bowling ball into a swimming pool from several stories above with your line attached!
"Hold on they are capable of taking a rod away from an unsuspecting angler."

Pete's 44 inch long - 27 inch girth Striper he caught on a top water in 2014..When you hook one on a top water plug they will often start a thrashing, rolling, twisting, shaking, and diving surface show that is simply indescribable, there's no reeling at this point.

The sound of your drag screaming will snap you back to reality when the Striper takes off in a power run. Your tackle gets tested like its never been. As you wrestle these underwater warriors, your mind flashes back, "How good is my knot", "How can the line take this kind of pressure" you hope and pray they are right. It seems that at any moment something will break. There's few moments of confidence in your tackle as it strains to its limits.

Butch with Hugh Arkansas Striped BassStriped Bass transmit their awesome strength straight into your arms, which will be dead tired by the time you wear these big fish down. Constant line pressure is a must. Stripers seldom jump. You will see the gigantic boils and ask yourself, "Is that on my line until they roll exhaustively next to the boat.

If your lucky to hook up one of Ouachita's Big Stripers your arms will be tired and your reeling hand cramped before the fish slides into the net.
It takes this kind of effort to conquer 50 pounds of hyper-active striper.
You will be awed that you've just won one heck of a fight and:
Created a memory of a life time.

 55 pound striped bass Guiding for striped bass is a lot like hunting.
Knowing the seasonal patterns and locations.
Stripers are always on the move, you're always looking --- looking for the unmistakable sprays of water that they send skyward when feeding on the surface.

Looking for the telltale arches on the fish locator that show schools of fish below.
Searching the water with field glasses looking for the sprays or circling birds feeding on destroyed shad.
Using your ears to listen for the tail spacking sounds of breaking schools of stripers as you slip thru a foggy morning.

 Practicing Catch and Release When Possible

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