Biologist of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

Sometimes we forget when we catch a trophy stripers from Lake Ouachita that it was first seen by a Fisheries Biologist at the Arkansas Game And Fish Commission.

The Striped Bass does not naturally reproduce in Arkansas Lakes. 

The stockings are the results of dedication biologists that work behind the limelight in Arkansas and don't get enough credit for the tremendous fishing and hunting we enjoy in Arkansas.

These men and women spend countless days and nights working enduring weather conditions that keep the ordinary human tucked indoors talking about the memories they have created due to the biologists' efforts in the stocking and management programs.

The lead biologist responsible for the striped bass program are district 8 Biologist Stuart Wooldridge and Assistant Biologist Brett Hobbs at the Hulsey fish hatchery managed by Don Brader outside Hot Springs, Arkansas.

The next time you see one of the Biologist's AG&FC trucks in your area take a moment to say

"Thank You"
For the work they do providing us the chance to create Memories of a Life Time.

Arkansas Black Bass Biologist
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Black Bass Program

 Colton Dennis
Black Bass Biologist
877-525-8606 (toll free)

Kevin Hopkins
has taken a management
district position in Northwest AR.

Kevin Hopkins - Arkansas Game and Fish Commission -  Asst. Black Bass Biologist

More on Biologist of the Arkansas Game And Fish commission.

The Following report was provided by Brett Hobbs Asst. District Fisheries Biologist AG&FC

Arkansas Game & Fish Commission Fisheries Biologist


District 1 Biologist Ron Moore
Assistant Biologist Jon Stein

District 2 Biologist Ken Shirley
Assistant Biologist Stan Todd

District 3 Biologist Jeremy Riley
Assistant Biologist Sam Henry

District 4 Biologist Jeff Farwick
Assistant Biologist Lee Holt

District 5 Biologist Diana Andrews
Assistant Biologist

District 6 Biologist Eric Brinkman
Assistant Biologist Jake Whisehunt

District 7 Biologist Drew Wilson
Assistant Biologist Les Claybrook

District 8 Biologist Stuart Wooldridge
Assistant Biologist Brett Hobbs

District 9 Biologist Bob Limbird
Assistant Biologist Frank Leone

District 10 Biologist Tom Bly
Assistant Biologist Mathew Schroeder

Urban Fisheries Biologist Clifton Jackson
Assistant Urban Biologist Allyson Neely

SPECIAL PROJECTS Larry Rider, Assistant Chief

John Stark, Statewide Trout Biologist

Stan Todd, Assistant Trout Biologist

Steve Filipek, Arkansas Stream Team Coordinator

Brian Wagner, Research Biologist

Chris Horton, Reservoir Biologist

Jeff Quinn, Stream Fisheries Management Biologist

Habitat Coordinator Larry Rider



Malacologist Bill Posey

Herpetologist Kelly Irwin

Nongame Aquatics Brian Wagner

Stream Research Biologist Jeff Quinn

Fish Hatcheries

Joe Hogan Hatchery
Manager Jason Miller

Andrew Hulsey Hatchery
Manager Don Brader
Assistant Hatchery Manager Steve Lewis

Charlie Craig Hatchery
Manager Tom Laird
Assistant Hatchery Manager Heath Dake

William Donham Hatchery
Manager Jeff Newman

Jim Hinckle Spring River Fish Hatchery
Manager  Melissa Jones

Lake Wilhelmina Net Pen
Manager Ronnie Richardson

Jim Collins Net Pen Manager
Leonard Dean

Pot Shoals Net Pens
Manager Rob Underdown

Aquatic Resources Coordinator Jimmy Barnett
Assistant Coordinator Lea White

Pathologist Jon Stein


Spring River Hatchery
Manager Melissa Jones
Assistant Manager Michael Lewis

Bull Shoals Net Pen
Manager John Stewart

Trout Biologist Darrell Bowman
Assistant Biologist Stan Todd


State Coordinator Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs Gordan Bagby

Please Practice Catch and Release ....

Most of all Create Cherished Memories.

"There are many things in life that will catch your eye,  but only a few will catch your heart.....pursue those."  Arkansas Striper Fishing

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