Quick and Easy Grilled Striped Bass Recipe.

Quick and Easy Grilled Striped Bass in 5 Minutes.

By Ben Sanders

The very best part about grilling a freshly caught striped bass is taste. The white, flaky meat is so delicious on its own that it's best to use a simple recipe.

We like to dine on striped bass as much as watching our customers catch them and since we don't have a lot of extra time between trips we developed our very own.

The Quick & Easy Grilled Striped Bass Recipe from ArkansasStripers.com .

Image result for using griddle to grill fishTo prepare,  we Vacuum Pack and Freeze Single Meal Size servings of Striped Bass, or any other type of fish that are good grilling fish.

 Before we leave for a morning charter we take a bag or two out of the refrigerator freezer to let thaw out. Being small bags they thaw out by the time we return from the morning trip.

When we arrive we plug in the George Forman Grill.

Grab the squeeze butter, lemon or lime bottles out of the fridge.

Rub the butter, lime juice or lemon juice into the fillets.

Spray the grille with a non stick olive oil spray, lay the filets on the grill close the lid for 5 minutes.

That's it, Your Done - Quick & Easy

Now if your camping you can do the same thing using a Lodge Logic Cast Iron Sportsmans Charcoal Grill, which we occasionally use at the shop.

Lodge Logic Cast Iron Sportsmans Charcoal Grill Lodge Logic Cast Iron Sportsmans Charcoal Grill

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