Bucktail Jigs for Striped Bass

The Bucktail Jig one of the most versatile and effective lure ever invented.
A bucktail can be fished in a number of ways in varying conditions.
It imitates a number of baitfish and catches a wide variety of fish.

 Bass Pro Shops Striper Stump Jumper Jig BaitsBass Pro Shops Striper Stump Jumper Jig Baits
An upsized version of our popular and productive Stump Jumper, the Striper Stump Jumper is custom designed for striper fishing. Built on a sticky sharp black nickel hook, the Striper Stump Jumper features a highly-reflective willow blade and genuine bucktail with Flashabou highlights. The blade and bucktail combine to produce an appealing pulsating, shimmering action to draw strikes from big stripers. Works great onn umbrellaarigs rigged with trailers.rigs rigged with trailers.

Jig Styles and Sizes

The serious Bucktail jig fisherman carries an assortment of jig sizes and styles that will cover a number of fishing situations and imitate a variety of prey items.

Larger Bucktail jigs
weighing 1 to 3 ounces work well in deep water and fast-moving currents.

Small Bucktail jigs
from ¼-ounce to 1 ounce are great to use in shallow water, and they imitate different types of small baitfish.

Micro jigs.
From 1/8-ounce down round-head jigs used on light tackle. They imitate really small baitfish and insects.

The essential component to your bucktail jig are the enticers.
While the deer hair on a bucktail jig undulates and moves alluringly on the retrieve, you can double the action and effectiveness of your offering by adding an enticer.
A popular form of enticer is the triple ripple plastic grub tail.


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