Striped Bass Fishing on Lake Ouachita.

Lake Ouachita Sunrise

Carlos Gonzalez one of the Leading thoroughbred riders at Harrah's Louisiana Downs
 enjoys Striped Bass Fishing Adventures on Lake Ouachita.

Carlos Gonzales silhouetted against the Lake Ouachita Morning Sunrise.Carlos and Brandon Carlos Gonzalez with a 46 pound Striped Bass caught on a top water lure in Lake Ouachita in Arkansas.

Angels in the Water

Carlos caught a 50 pound Striped Bass also boated was a 48, (2) 41s,  38 and a  21 pound striper. It is said all fishing in heaven is on top water. We experienced a glimpse of heaven on this day. All The Striped Bass were caught on a Topwater lure.

  Carlos Gonzalez with Brandon and a 46 pound Striped Bass. Benjamin and Carlos Carlos and Paula with a 46, 41, 41, 38, and 21 pound striped bass. Paula with her 41 pound striped bass caught on a top water modified Cotton Cordell. Paula and Carlos hol up the 46 pound striped bass caught by Carlos.  

Backlashes, Runs straight at the boat, line going slack, 2 wraps of line left on the reel before being spooled.
Fish running under trolling motor (while running), under the Evinrude prop under the boat and surfacing on the other side.
Sore, tired arms, finned foot, Tearing hooks out of lures and broken Rods and Broken Reels.

Early Morning Striped Bass Fishing Trip

Carlos, taking a break from Racing, took in the beauty of an early morning striped bass fishing adventure
on Lake Ouachita with Ben Sanders author of

 Carlos had a much larger striper beside the boat, inches away from the net, before pulling off.

Paula Gonzales with her 25 pound trophy Striped Bass

Mom and Pop Gonzalez Pay a Visit

Ben Sanders'

Lake Ouachita

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