Fly Fishing For Striped Bass

Fly Fishing For Striped Bass is the only way to pursue Striped Bass according to the opinion of some , in fact the Fly Fisherman say "it's even more effective than bait or lures". 

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Fly fishing for freshwater Striped Bass is a relatively untouched art form. The few good striper guides who operate out of the various local marinas almost all hurl live bait around with bait casting tackle, not flies.

The preferred rod is a nine-weight, with three to four-inch blue and white streamers without lead-core leaders.
Many Times a neutrally buoyant presentation in a current is what it takes to catch stripers when nothing else is working.  Nothing achieves this better than a well tied fly.

There are many things to discover when you start on the Striped Bass fly fishing kick.  There is always a lot to learn with any technique, and being successful with the fly is no exception.

Finding Active Stripers

The most important thing you can do is observe.  There are signs everywhere if you know where to look.  The presence of bait is the most important ingredient for finding stripers willing to feed.  The birds show you where the bait and stripers are. Herons and Gulls dive into schools of smaller bait fish and indicate the presence of shad, minnows, and other small schooling baitfish.  Cormorants and mergansers will join in on the parties. Although gulls can't dive effectively for moving bait, they hover and circle and pick up baitfish as they are attacked from below the surface by game fish. The stripers bass and birds actually cooperate by attacking from above and below on helpless schools of baitfish.

Sometimes the feeding activity is so obvious you would need to be asleep to miss it.

Below the dams on the Arkansas River can offer some fantastic action when the water is running and fish are present. The fist notice of the Stripers attendance will be the birds circling followed by the tail spacking action of the stripers as they run the shad to the surface.

If you want some pole bending - line stripping action head on down to below the dams with your fly rods.

The fly angler in search of a big fish and a truly big challenge should check out the striped bass fishing on Lake Ouachita.

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Fly Fishing For Striped Bass