Lake Ouachita Striped Bass Fishing TimeLine.

Striped Bass Fishing on Lake Ouachita is the fastest growing segment of sports fishing in Arkansas

Lake Ouachita is known as the Trophy Striped Bass capital of the World.

If you've never fished for Striped Bass before on Lake Ouachita definitely hire a Striper Fishing Guide.
Lake Ouachita Striped Bass are ferocious fighters and can be caught all year long.

Striped Bass fishing patterns on Lake Ouachita'

  • January:
    • Follow the Birds! Watch for breaking fish! Seagulls will move in and take you to the feeding stripers. The 'gulls follow the feeding Striped Bass and will give you the location of the feeding school. Stripers can be caught on jigs/spoons throughout the day.
      We'll be using minnows and small shad on Planers boards when the birds are not diving.
      January striper fishing trip.
  • February:
    • Stripers start getting active and schools form over underwater humps and islands. We like to troll for these and also cast to submerged humps for bigger than average stripers. Still chasing the birds!
  • March:
    • The action starts heating up, we'll start progressively using larger bait on Planers for action throughout the day looking for big stripers getting ready for the spawn. March thru early May is historically known for catching big stripers with big shad.
  • April:
    • Planer Board action gets hotter. The warming water gets the stripers active and wanting to feed for the spawn. Busting stripers in the morning and evening. The most consistence month for trophy Striped Bass in the 40 to 50 pound class.
      The most exciting time of the year to fish  Lake Ouachita.
  • May:
    • This is a favorite time to fish for stripers for a lot of clients since the fish are so schooled, that when they come through, all of the rods will get hit! Early May is still a good time to catch a fat female striper.
  • June:
    • June is a great month for numbers. A variety of techniques can be used in this time of the year with a mixture of live-baiting and light tackle jigging.
  • July:
    • When the summer heat starts pushes the stripers deep, different techniques will be implemented.
      Lake Ouachita's pioneered Style of Tree Fishing for Stripers Begins.
  • August:
    • The Striped Bass are still deep. Still using deep downline and live bait to catch stripers.
  • September:
    •  Still staying deep, but cooling water temperatures will start stripers moving higher in the water column. Depending on water temperature September and October will see stripers moving up in the water column.
  • October:
    • Stripers appetite start turning on and will start to see some breaking in the morning and evening.
  • November:
    • The water has cooled down and Stripers begin to move shallows with more surface action occuring. Great time for casting to busting fish. The bigger stripers are feeding more and are caught on live bait.
  • December:
    • Stripers feeding in the shallows early and late in the day. Late morning we pull live bait on planers and downline on big stripers.
    • It was a mid December day that we caught 12 Striped Bass on topwater Lures that weighted over 330 pounds.

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