Spinner Baits

Spinners are a great striper bait and a well kept secret!

I have been using big spinnerbaits under a full moon for many years with success. The blades vibrations seem to get them to hit on those very bright nights when regular Lures fail.

 Spinnerbaits have quietly become the preferred spinner-baits of tournament pros because they catch fish.

If I had a choice of using but one artificial baits to fish with, it would be a Spinnerbait.

Spinnerbaits are the most versatile baits that you can use.

As you build confidence in using spinnerbaits, (confidence in any lure is the starting point to catching fish). You will learn you can change blade size, blade shape, colors, weights, add trailers and or trailer-hooks and combine all the techniques below into a single retrieve. Quickest bait to use to cover water from top to bottom.

Strike King KVD Night Spinnerbaits   
Strike King KVD Night Spinnerbaits

  • Fan Casting:
    May be the most common used by anglers. You just simply cast the bait and reel it back varying the speed and depth from the surface to 3 or 4 feet. Covers a lot of water when your looking for fish in a short time.
    If you catch a fish slow down and look for more using one of the below methods.
  • Slow-Rolling:
    When slow rolling try to keep the spinnerbait as close to the bottom as possible bumping structure. 
    Maintain a slow steady retrieve keeping the spinnerbait moving at all times.
  • Gurgling - V-Wake:
    Retrieve the spinnerbait  fast enough to create a bulge just below the surface allowing the blade to barely break the surface at times. Killer pattern to use around submerged timber,  lays,  grass, Lilly pads, flooded timber.
  • Jigging:
    Drop the spinnerbait  lift your rod tip up and down times then let it fall while following it down, keeping contact with the bait, most hits will occur on the fall and will feel light.
  • Hopping:
    Work the spinnerbait as you would a plastic worm get the slack out of your line by reeling or lifting your rod slowly from the 9 o'clock  to 12 o'clock position, reel in the slack and repeat this technique all the way back to the boat. Keep tension on your bait and feel for the light hit.
  • Stop and Drop
    Cast the spinnerbait to the targeted area, using more of a "v-wake" for a retrieve method, stop reeling when some form of structure is reached, Logs, standing timber, hole in grass, beside walls or entrances to beaver hutches just let the spinnerbait helicopter to the bottom while keeping in contact with your line.

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