Striped Bass Fishing at Night

Striped Bass In the Dark

Increased Striped Bass activity in the summer time begins about the time the sun drops to the top of the trees and will last from 30 minutes to 2 hours. After there is usually a lull before the activity begins again. Normally around midnight another period of activity will occur. Getting up early in the morning so you arrive on the lake 2-3 hours before sunrise will find you in the next feeding period. Once the sun is above the trees switch to live bait methods.

I like to Start with topwater baits because they are the easiest and most fun to fish with. You have to experience the furious strike and noise of a trophy striped bass attack on a topwater bait to understand what an experience it can be. Just remember not to set the hook until you feel the fish, Striped Bass often tail slap their prey to stun it and will send lures and live bait flying into the air leaving you with feeling of great expectations when the bait hits the water only to disappear in a boil of water that resembles a submerging submarine.
Two favorite topwater baits of mine are the Red Fin and the Zara Spook.

Other Lures are the Devilhorses, Torpedoes and the Big Heddon Hula Poppers and Jitterbugs. The Yo-Zuri Mag Popper Floating Lures with The Magnetic Weight Transfer Systemâ„¢ will delivers longer casts than any other topwater lure with great chugging/popping action.

Tips for catching Striped Bass.


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Striped Bass Fishing at Night