Striped Bass Fishing in Fresh Water


A saltwater native, freshwater striped bass provide fisherman an extraordinary fishing experience.
If you haven't been Striper fishing your missing some of the most exciting freshwater angling adventures available.

Striped Bass Fishing is the fastest growing segment in fresh water sport fishing.

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Tips for catching Striped Bass.

Striped bass (Morone Saxatilis) which are a saltwater native travel up fresh water rivers to spawn.

Striped Bass are the largest members of the sea bass family often called "temperate" or "true" bass to distinguish them from species such as largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass, which are actually members of the sunfish family (Centrarchidae).

If you want to experience deep sea fishing in your backyard the freshwater Striped Bass is able to give any angler a line stripping,
arm muscles aching memory of a lifetime.

Striped Bass Fishing in fresh water reservoirs, lake and rivers , is an offshoot of the damming of South Carolina's Cooper River in 1941. Stripers had migrated from the Atlantic Ocean up the Cooper River to spawn. When the river was dammed to form lakes Moultrie and Marion, stripers that had traveled upriver were blocked from returning to the sea.
Rather than die they thrived.

The first documented production of striped bass in the country was at the Striped Bass Hatchery in Moncks Corner South Carolina in 1961.
 Moncks Corner was also a pioneer in developing striped bass hatchery techniques.
As a direct result of work at the Moncks Corner Striped Bass Hatchery, striped bass fishing is enjoyed in freshwater lakes across the county.

My Mother Is A Fish - by Elizabeth Renedo  -The life and times of a hatchery-raised striper. 

Habitat and Biology of the Striped Bass

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