Striped Bass Hall Of Fame

Striped Bass Hall of Fame.

92 Pound Striped Bass

92 pound Striped Bass
Picture courtesy of the Maryland DNR

Since 1982 there apparently has been only 1 Striped Bass caught and verified  that exceeded the 78.5# world record.
The Fish did not become the new IGFA record because it was caught in a net by the Maryland DNR during a research project around 1995.
The Striped Bass a massive 92 pounds hangs on the wall of DNR in Annapolis, MD

 World Record Striped Bass
World Record Striped Bass
78-lbs 8-oz

53" Length
34 1/2"Girth
New Jersey
Al McReynolds
Freshwater Record Striped Bass
World Record Landlocked
 Freshwater Striped Bass

Hank Ferguson

Speared Striped Bass World Record
Dave Hochman
  68.4-pound striped bass
 55 inches long
32.5-inch girth.
speared in 54 feet of water.

New Virginia Saltwater Striped Bass Record
Jan 2008
73 Pounds
52 inches in length and 31� inches in girth
Fred Barnes

Massachusetts Saltwater
Striped Bass Record 73 pounds
Vineyard Sound
August 1913
by C. B. Church.

Massachusetts record of 73 pounds has been equaled on three occasions, the most recent of which was at Nauset Beach in 1981.

Unofficial Freshwater Striped Bass Record
 from California.
Frank Ualat
70.6 pounds
36-inch girth
O'Neill Forebay in Merced County.

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Virginia Saltwater record Striped Bass 68.1 lbs.
Virginia saltwater
state record
Striped Bass

 68-lb.1-oz. 2006
Clay T. Armstrong
Arizona Record Striped Bass
Arizona Record
Striped Bass
47 1/2" length

Jeff Smith
Arkansas State Record Striped Bass
Arkansas State Record
Striped Bass
64-lb.  8-oz
Length: 51 Inches
Girth: 31 1/2 Inches
Jeff Fletcher
South Carolina State Record Striped Bass
South Carolina
state record
Striped Bass
 59-lb, 8-oz
 47 1/8" Length
 girth 32 1/2"
 Maryland Atlantic striped bass record striped bass 67.5 pounds
Maryland Striped Bass record, 57 lbs 6 oz.
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Ian Kiraly holding record-breaking striped bass
New York Record
Striped Bass
weighed 55 lbs. 6 oz. and was a little more than 49 inches long.
Caught by
Ian Kiraly
New Mexico Striped Bass Record 54.5 lbs.
New Mexico Striped Bass Record
54.5 pound
 Jim Secor 
Pennsylvania record Striped Bass caught by Robert  Price
PA State Record Striped Bass Striped 53 lb.12 oz.
Robert Price; 1994
Raystown Lake,

 Several Striped Bass were recorded being netted of about 125 pounds at Edenton, N. C., in April 1891. One of 112 pounds, which was said to have been at least 6 feet long, was caught at Orleans, Mass. and One of 100� pounds is said to have been taken in Casco Bay, Maine.
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