Striped Bass Recipes

Striped Bass Recipes for Baked , Broiled , Grilled , Blackened, Smoked , or Fried .

Recipes using Striped Bass go all the way back to Colonial Times.
Captain John Smith, wrote in his journal in 1614
 "that the Striped Bass was a most sweet and wholesome fish as ever I did eat"

And In 1634: William Wood, in his New England's Prospect, called the Striped Bass
 "one of the best fishes in the Country . . . a delicate, fine, fat, fish." 
Striped Bass were also served at the nations first Thanksgiving.

Stripers produces good-sized fillets of pleasantly firm texture that is tender, white, and mildly sweet with a high fat content that makes it almost impossible to overcook.

If you catch the fish yourself when you get your fresh Striped Bass fillets home, rinse them with cool water.
Remove all red meat.
Then bag your Striped Bass in zip-lock freezer bags or plastic containers into whatever sized portions you choose.
I use gallon zip lock bags.
If you are planning on freezing your striper cover them with water, and add a few drops of lemon juice for freshness and a touch of baking soda.
Make sure the fillets are covered with water. The ice will protect the fillets against freezer-burn for several months.

It also makes it easy for my Arkansas Striper Quick & Easy Grilled Striped Bass Recipe.

If your are going to cook them when you get home or the next few days, put them in ice cold water over night with a few drops of lemon, touch of salt and,
The Secret Revealed for the Best Tasting Fish, a pinch of baking soda.

When you removed the filets from the refrigerator rinse them in cold water.

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