Fishing Tackle for Stripers

Striped Bass Fishing Tackle for Freshwater.

If you are already a Black Bass fisherman you really don't have to depart too far from your regular Black Bass tackle. It will also depend if your preference is live bait, artificial lures or a combination of both.

In open reservoirs where Striped Bass may weigh from 15 to 40 pounds and you are using a combination of downlines and flatlines, 6 1/2- to 7 1/2-foot medium-heavy action baitcasting rods and wide-spool reels such as Garcia Ambassadeur 6500s or Shimano 400 series with 15- to 25-pound mono are more than enough.

Snaggy rivers or lake areas where big fish are a possibility, use 7- to 8-foot medium-heavy to heavy baitcasting rods, Ambassadeur 6500 or Shimano 400 series reels and 30 to 40 pound mono. If you use braided line for stripers, keep in mind that these superlines have almost zero stretch; you’ll need to compensate by using softer-action rods than you’d normally use with mono.

Below are a few suggestions of the proven types and colors used for catching Stripers.

I believe the best bait is the one.. "YOU"... have the most confidence in and fish with persistence.

As for Striped Bass lures, select your lures to do a specific job. An assortment of topwater, shallow running crank baits, medium running crank baits, deep running crank baits and bottom bouncers (spoons & jigs) will all be needed.

Topwater baits such as the striper or bass size Zara Spooks, Redfins, or Rapalas in chrome, bone or trout will do the trick.

Shallow running crank baits like the Super Rogue or Rapalas in chrome/blue chrome/black or Trout patterns are good choices.

Medium depth crank baits, such as Rattletraps in 1/2, and 3/4 ounce sizes will be needed.

A deep diving crank bait such as the deep diving Rebel minnow or Storms Thunderstick in chrome/blue, chrome/black, shad or Trout patterns do well.

Jigs such as bucktails or Sassy shads in a variety of sizes are hard to beat. 

Trolling Umbrella Rigs

Light cast-able umbrella rigs

Notice a trend in Colors I like to K.I.S.S.

We like to use standard largemouth fishing tackle, a good quality medium heavy spinning or casting rod 6/7 foot. If you are a flyrod angler, a good 8/9 flyrod will handle the stripers nicely. Match it up with a quality reel. For Live bait or cut bait I suggest a reel with a clicker...You will learn to love the sound of a screaming clicker. If you set rods out with no clickers you might not like the site of your rod flying into the depths.

If you want to feel how a striper can attack your bait, just tie your line to your truck and while holding your rod have someone drive off.  Quality is a must because a Striper will turn cheap reels into junk in no time at all. Choose your line to match your tackle, usually 15 to 25 pound test monofilament or the spectra fiber lines such as Spiderwire or Fireline.

The Bucktail Jig is probably the most widely used, and versatile, lure for striper fishing there is. There have been many a trophy striper taken on a Bucktail Jig. You can cast them, jig them, troll them or even use them on downriggers.
The length of the hair on a bucktail is very important. The hair should be at least 4 in. long, to allow the bait to fall slower which will always draw more strikes.

Potbellied Crankbaits:
These lures are used by a lot of bass fisherman, but they will bring in a big striper just as well. You can buy these in different depth ranges from deep to shallow. They are also good to use when trolling. The chrome or bone and the silverish colors along with Rainbow trout patterns work good, these imitate baitfish like the threadfin and gizzard shad and of course the Rainbow trout.

Big Bass Lures:
5" and above.  Even though bass fisherman think these lures were made for largemouth, they were originally deigned for stripers. They come in many different colors, but the chrome or bone colored, and the ones painted like a rainbow trout, work the best for stripers.
Floating/Diving Lures:
These lures were designed to be long and slender, in order to imitate baitfish like the shad. They come in many different depth ranges, and colors. But as with the others, the ones that resemble the color of the shad or trout work the best. 

Circle Hook:
The type of hook you use in live bait fishing can be very important to the survival rate of released Stripers.......Click here for more information

When using artificial lures, most Striped Bass are caught during periods of low light, stripers are sometimes repelled by strong light sources. The lower intensity of light brings them and their huge appetites into the shallows where they’re easier to catch. While in shallow water, however, they tend to be very spooky. Too much noise will make them vacate an area in a hurry. The best chance to catch striped bass on Top water is during Sept-April when stripers tend to feed more to the surface with regularity boiling the water like the inside of a washing machine.

Although it is possible to find breaking fish through out the year. The accepted method for catching big stripers is by working large minnow-type top-water lures near points or underwater islands. The hours near sunset or sunrise are the most productive, but many are caught during the middle of the day, especially on cloudy days.

More Bait Tips

When drifting bait, a bow-mounted graph with its transducer attached to your trolling motor is a great help in pinpointing bait fish and stripers along with bottom structure.

Stripers sometimes hit a bait so hard its incredible, the impact can break the line. Check your drag regularly to prevent sticking.

Use an un-mounted bilge pump and hose to drain the water from your bait tank and replace it with fresh water as needed. Clean the tank’s filter regularly during the fishing day.

if you don’t see stripers on your graph, don’t panic -- look for big schools of baitfish instead. The stripers won’t be far behind.

Use circle hooks when live bait fishing. Remember with circle hooks you don't have to cross their eyes when setting the hook.  If the water is cool, the fish can be released alive. More on Striper Catch and Release

Many things in life that will catch your eye,  but only a few will catch your heart.....pursue those."  Arkansas Striper Fishing

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