Water Aeration in Live Bait Tanks

Proper Aeration helps keep live bait alive and Frisky in Bait Tanks

Three major considerations in aeration of a bait tank.

  • Gentleness And Direction Of Water Flow
  • Size And Amount Of Air Bubbles
  • Water Temperatures

Basics Of Bait Tank Aeration    /  Oxygen in Bait Tank Water

Aerators work by increasing the area of contact between air and water. To understand what is really needed for proper aeration, think about your oxygen needs. If you were in a large airtight room you would be able to breathe for several hours before using up all the oxygen. If we were in an airtight closet, the oxygen would be used up a lot quicker. If we put a bag over our head the oxygen in our lungs would be used very quickly. Without adding oxygen we would suffocate. In any case we could breath indefinitely, if we had a source of outside air or oxygen.

Same principle with fish If we put a fish in a sealed gallon jar it would not survive for long before using up all the oxygen. If we enclosed the same fish in a 50 gal tank  the oxygen would be used up slower. Without additional oxygen in either case the fish would eventually die. If we could put clean oxygenated water through its gills and keep it wet the size of the tank would not be as important.

A small or ineffective aerator cannot provide as much oxygen in the water as a larger or more effective one. If an aerator can provide enough oxygen in the water for the fish to breathe, it doesn't matter how much water surrounds the fish. The amount of oxygen in the atmosphere remains stable at about 20.95% of the air.

The only reason that water has to be changed in tanks is to remove ammonia. The smaller the container of water, the more frequent the changing

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