Wintertime Fishing for Striped Bass on Lake Ouachita


Wintertime Fishing for Striped Bass.

Striped Bass fishing during the cold weather months of November, December, January and February on Lake Ouachita in Arkansas offers some the most pristine fishing opportunities of the year. Don't let cooler temperatures keep you off of the lake the Striped Bass are out there. Along with the always present chance of catching a 40 pound Striper the fishing pressure is light and the Gulls and Eagles are always close by putting on their arial show.

 This 35 pound striped bass is an example of the action during winter Striped bass fishing.

The water temperature of Lake Ouachita seldom drops below 50 and the ideal water temperature for the striped bass is between 70 and 50 degrees.

Besides shad, large surface lures, crankbaits and  jigs are productive.

A December Trip produced 12 Striped Bass caught on a top water lure that weighed a combined 350+ pounds.

Dressed properly for cold weather you will have a very enjoyable experience.

Always practice safe boating.
Water saps body heat 25 times faster than air of the same temperature.

Winter is a great time to catch your trophy striped bass



 Pick the ramp closest to where you plan to fish, so you won't have a long cold boat ride in winter's frigid air.
You can Also pre-rig several rods at home, so you won't have to fool with that on the water and will have several good lures tied on or bait rigs already attached.

Tackle Options & Methods Tackle can be anything from medium-heavy largemouth gear to slightly longer, stiffer rods taking heavier line.

 It all depends on what size fish are present where you're going and what lures or baits you plan to use.


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