Striped Bass Fishing In The Summertime


Fisheries biologists know that during the summer, striped bass will sacrifice other needs in order to satisfy their need for cool water.

Striped bass are sensitive to temperature variations and will sacrifice food requirements to remain in areas with cool water preferring temperatures around 68 degrees Fahrenheit. These cool water areas are usually produced from the waters of flooded springs or are found in cooler layers of water deep within the lake.

Biologists using ultrasonic and radio-telemetry tagging of stripers have gathered data that indicate that striped bass begin concentrating in cooler water as early as late May when water temperatures climb into the high 80s and low 90s and may even stack on top of each other in an attempt to get into the coolest water possible.



Experienced fishermen still catch their share in deeper waters with slow trolling and downlining techniques using live bait.

Areas with the right temperatures and oxygen levels can present excellent angling opportunities.

The hybrid striped bass a cross between the female striped bass and the male white bass do not grow as large as stripers but will tolerate warmer water and lower DO levels.

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