Striped Bass Fishing is a Family Experience

Boy !!! What an enjoyable morning.
You know this is really what makes Striped Bass Fishing so pleasurable you get to take the family and have a real quality family sharing experience. Its a total experience where all in the boat take part.

We started just before daylight and we all had our limit by 7:00 AM, before the heat set in.

Back at the dock we enjoyed a breakfast and re-experienced the morning. We all can't wait to do it again.

You just have to experience the ultimate Striped Bass family fishing trips.

Talk about creating memories !!!.... I can feel this morning trip every time I view this page.

BrandonBrandon and MichaelBrandonKarenKaren and Paula   Karen, Paula, BrandonBrandon, Karen, Paula, MichaelBrandon,Karen, Paula tied for largest Striped Bass



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