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I originally created AS as an information site on freshwater striper fishing for my personal use after I moved to Hot Springs, Arkansas in 1990.

Growing up in the lower Arkansas, Ouachita and White river bottoms, bayous and Ricefield farm reservoirs in the lower Arkansas Delta, I was a hard nosed dedicated, diehard largemouth bass fisherman as you could find.

I had grown up hearing all the negative about Striped Bass in the big lakes of Arkansas.
Tales about how they ate the bass and crappie and devastated the lakes of forage and were no good as table fare.
Those tales, of course, were not true

Well, one evening when I was fishing Lake Catherine close to my home, in the early 90s, I was fortunate to witness what can only be described as the largest display of tail spacking surface feeding frenzy of large striped bass I had ever witnessed.
After a frustrating line breaking, line spooling 30 minutes of my bass tackle,  I had to set and watch a display of fish power like none I had ever seen for over an hour.

The next afternoon I returned to the location of the exploding surface demonstration of the evening before, equipped this time with heavier gear. The show was not as long lasting or extravagant as the day before but I managed to hook up with several fish up to 45 pounds.
Some were larger but I simply could not get them in the boat. I needed a bigger dip net.

I had never experienced such powerful top water explosions and hard fighting fish in my life.
I was hooked.

Since I was creating websites on other subjects which is one of my other occupations, along with SB government contracting,  I choose to assemble my own research and pictures in a website format as I learned about the excitement of striper fishing.

Well the search engines started indexing the site and ranking it high in their search returns. The e-mails and phone calls started coming in wanting to go striper fishing. 

I had been hiring a striped bass guide to expedite my learning curve so I sent him the names and numbers, soon he had more than he could handle, so I started taking people fishing and the rest as they say is history.

I became a full time striper fishing guide on Lake Ouachita and Lakes around Hot Springs , and its been a great ride.
It has been my privilege over the years to be part of memories of a lifetime.

Over a period of time I learned of a very unique fish I hope you will also come to understand and enjoy.

Ben Sanders - Lake Ouachita Striper Guide

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