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Buy Arkansas Fishing License Online or buy phone 1-800-364-4263  (1-800-364-GAME)24 / 7.

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16 or older, you must have an Arkansas fishing license t

Buy Arkansas Hunting and Fishing License Online1-800-364-4263  (1-800-364-GAME)  
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
223-6349 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. in the Little Rock area

You will be asked to supply personal information and a Visa, Mastercard or Discover number.
The license itself will be printed on your home printer. Please have your credit card and an identification number ready.
Your identification number can be a driver’s license, social security number, hunter education number, state ID number or passport number.

Your fishing privileges become effective immediately and your license will arrive in the mail in a few days

Have pencil/pen and paper to record your confirmation number.

Lifetime and commercial licenses are not available by phone or online.

Non-resident 3-Day
Fishing License
Non-resident 7-Day
Fishing License
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Non-resident Annual
Fishing License
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Visa, MasterCard and Discover are the only method of payment available

Resident Combination Sportsman’s License (CS) entitles holder to
hunt all game species using modern gun, muzzleloader or archery; to take a total bag limit of deer; to hunt or trap furbearers; and to fish the waters of the state with noncommercial tackle.
State and federal waterfowl stamps must also be purchased to hunt waterfowl.

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Arkansas License and Permit Requirements

If you are 16 years or older, an Arkansas fishing license is required to take or attempt to take game fish, turtles or frogs in Arkansas, unless you are fishing in a licensed "put and take pay lake." The license must be carried with you. You may not possess a license that belongs to someone else or one that has been altered, backdated or counterfeited.
If you are a nonresident, you may not possess a resident license. If you guide, aid or assist someone else in fishing for hire, you must have a guide license.
To find out if you need a commercial license, call 501-223-6386 for a copy of Commercial Fishing Regulations

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