Arkansas Striper Fishing Report


The deal about fishing reports is they are from yesterday's trips. When you and I are out on the lakes, yesterdays simply don't count. You should have been here yesterday, yea right heard that song before.

If used as a tool in your tackle box, fishing reports can be useful.

 Get the latest Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Fishing Report

They will give you a general idea of the mood and location of where the fish are and what baits to use.
Especially useful is the time of day and depth caught.  Also watch for patterns across several lakes. If you see several lake reports say fishing is good its time to go fishing.

 Of course any time is a good time. I have never caught a single fish sitting at home.

 On the other hand I have on occasions went when all conditions pointed to staying home and seemed to have fish jumping in the boat.

 The #1 rule of catching fish.
 Go Fishing and create your own reports.

Connie with her striped bass.


If you are willing inform us by e-mailing fishing reports about a lake or river Include your name if you'd like to receive credit for the report.

  Catch a Memory of a Life time

Connie with Striped Bass caght from Lake Ouachita.

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