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Striped Bass Fishing is the Fasted Growing Segment of Sport Fishing in Arkansas.

Lake Ouachita, in 1956, was the (1st) first lake in Arkansas to be stocked with Stripers.
The Hulsey Fish Hatchery in Hot Springs, is the birthplace for the vast majority of stripers stocked in the Striper Lakes of Arkansas.
(See AGFC video on Striped Bass Project)

Ben Sanders' Arkansasstripers was the first Website dedicated to striped bass fishing in Arkansas and Lake Ouachita.
Striped Bass gives the Arkansas angler the opportunity to experience Deep Sea type Fishing in their own lakes with stripers being caught up to 64 pounds

Was a World Record Striped Bass Caught and Released On Lake Ouachita?

Carlos Gonzales with a Trophy Striped Bass caught on Lake Ouachita.The Arkansas Game and Fish commission operates a state-of-the-art Striped Bass hatchery system with the best biologist in the nation. The federal fisheries division maintains the only captive spawning population of Gulf Coast striped bass in the world at Mammoth Springs, Arkansas.

Armed with the proper lures, tackle, and know-how, trophy Striped Striped Bass can be a dream come true for Arkansas anglers.  When using artificial lures, dedication and hundreds of casts may be required but one monster Arkansas Striped Bass is worth all the effort!

Striped Bass run in schools most of the time and cover lots of water following schools of shad.
Striped Bass can cruise at 7 mph with burst of speed recorded up to 45 mph.

Striped Bass are often typecast as indiscriminate eaters.
Many anglers even hold them responsible for declining populations of bass and crappie in some reservoirs.
This is simply not true---- biologists know such is not the case. Striped Bass feed mainly on forage fish including threadfin and gizzard shad.

Striped Bass may be one place in the morning 2 miles down the lake by afternoon, and somewhere else entirely by tomorrow.
 Unlike largemouths, Striped Bass gorge themselves full, then won't feed again until their stomachs are empty.
 Also, Striped Bass are more light-sensitive and easier to spook than largemouth.

 You can put down an entire feeding school of Striped Bass for hours just by motoring over them or dropping something against the hull.

What Striped Bass lack in predictability, they more than make up in other ways.  NO freshwater fish attacks a surface lure as viciously as the Striped Bass. When first hooked they will put on a water thrashing show you will never forget and will fight you all the way to the boat.

Regardless of the way it happens, when one of these line-sided monsters engulfs a lure, one has to experience heart flutter from the rush of adrenaline and experience a ...Memory of a Life Time..

The Spirit of Striped Bass has impressed me.

"There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart.....pursue those." 


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