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Your guide will have the experience and the tackle to optimize your luck in catching one of the large striped bass Arkansas is famous for!

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Striped Bass in the 30-pound plus class are caught regularly in Lakes in Arkansas.
Lake Ouachita is known as the Trophy freshwater lake in Arkansas.
Ben Sanders Lake Ouachita Striper guide.Some Striped Bass Guides on Ouachita specialize in the Single Big Striper Hunt  (looking for that new state record striper) early in the year.

Ben Sanders Striped Bass Guide Rates and Information for Lake Ouachita.

Frequently asked questions about a Guided trip.

Why Hire A Guide?

Trophy  (40lbs and up )  Striped Bass are what a lot of fisherman want to catch.
Catching Big Stripers requires knowing where they are, how they travel and large baits.
Catching big stripers is a serious, fast-paced hunt requiring an intimate knowledge of the lake, striper habitat, and big fish habits.

Striper fishing guides do catch the big ones.

Striper guides can put you on stripers anytime of the year. Stripers can average 10 to 15 pounds with experienced guides. And it's hard to have more fishing fun than catching several of them out of a school on top water baits.

Fishing Guides work is never done

"There are many things in life that will catch your eye,  but only a few will catch your heart.....pursue those."

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