Arkansas State Record Striper

Weighed: 64 pounds 8 ounces

Length: 51 Inches

Girth: 31 1/2 Inches

Arkansas State Record Striped Bass 

Caught on the White River near the dam at Beaver Lake. 

This is the fifth largest striper ever caught from fresh water in the country

Was a World Record Striped Bass Caught and Released On Lake Ouachita?

Potential New World Record Striped Bass Caught


Former World Record Striped Bass

World Record Striped Bass

78 lbs 8oz:    Length 53" :      Girth 34 1/2"
Atlantic City, New Jersey - 1982 - Al McReynolds

The recorded-world record striper was caught by Al McReynolds fishing at night off the Vermont Avenue jetty in Atlantic City The night of September 21, 1982 . He was fishing during a September Nor'easter storm where the waves had been kicking up all day. The fish was taken on a 5 1/2-inch long Rebel Black-back silver minnow plug on 20-pound test line and took one hour and 40 minutes to land the fish on the jetty. The fish measured 53 inches in length with a 34 1/2 inch girth, and was estimated to be between 30 and 40 years old. Its 78 pound 8 oz. weight earned it the IGFA all-tackle record!

The largest striped bass ever recorded was a 125 pound female from North Carolina, 1891.

Freshwater Striper Record from California


Former Freshwater Striped Bass

67.8 Striped Bass - Hank Ferguson
67 lbs. 8oz.
O'Neill Forebay, California
1992 May 7th
Hank Ferguson

Some old pictures of striper

Old Picture Of Striper

old picture of striped bass

old picture of striper



Arkansas State Record Striper