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Web presence catching anglers, other outdoorsmen  3/22/2012 - James Joshlin

For Ben Sanders, the creation of led to an entire new career.

The site, Sanders said, “was originally built as a personal information site to learn about striped bass.'' Then an avid largemouth angler, he watched as the site blossomed into the top Web destination for those wanting to find out more about freshwater striped bass fishing. That was in 2000, and the growth has continued, with the site tallying 969,514 visits last year alone.

Something funny happened, though. Because of his site, Sanders began to get requests for guided trips to Lake Ouachita and Lake Hamilton. Starting from zero, he contacted a Hot Springs-area guide to take trip referrals, then began to work with him when he had too many bookings. Now Sanders, a former automotive service manager, has been guiding for 12 years.

“I have never done the trade shows or any other advertising,'' Sanders said of his business' success. “One-hundred percent of my business comes through the site. As a guide, it took me from zero to hero in less than a year.''

Furthermore, he said, referrals from the site have bolstered the business of other area striper guides. Also, Sanders said, the site continues to inform visitors about striped bass.

Arkansas’ striped bass, guides making moves all year long

“Lake Ouachita is an east-west lake,” Sanders said, beginning his explanation. “In January and February, the majority of the fish will be up at the western end of the lake. As the water warms up, they will begin moving out. By August and September, the majority of them will be on the east end. Water temperature plays a big factor, as a real hot July or August will put them right at the dam - in the deepest water.”
Basically, he said, “The hotter the weather, the deeper the stripers go, and the farther east.
Of course, we’re talking about the majority of the schools. Some fish can be found all over Lake Ouachita all the time.” 
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Arkansas stripers: The unnatural birth of a Natural State fishery

The allure of Striped Bass is that they offer a deep-sea fishing experience, often being found 30 to 70 feet below the surface, in a freshwater setting. That, explained striper guide Ben Sanders ( of Hot Springs, is what is unique about the striped bass’s presence in Arkansas. Read More

Striper fishing a family-friendly outing and unique opportunity

“Fishing for stripers is great for a general family outing,” Sanders said. “I’ve had a lot of people come from out of state and bring their sons, daughters or other family members for holidays or birthdays. The relaxed, family atmosphere is accompanied by one of team effort. So, the whole family can participate in fishing and enjoy it.”
This is the case, no matter what the skill level of the angler, Sanders said. He recounted a fishing trip when a Texas doctor brought his wife and son up to Lake Ouachita.
“The rods were going off, and fish were breaking everywhere. We had rods bent double, but the doc and his wife were busy filming their Son. The son had brought a little spinning rod and had gotten one on that light tackle,” Sanders said.... Read More


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