Artificial Lures for Catching Striped Bass.

Artificial Lures can be as effective as natural bait for Striped Bass.

Using Artificial lures is an exciting way to catch Striped Bass, especially Top Water Lures, and if you have never cast a Topwater Lure into a feeding school of Striped Bass or hybrid bass you my friend have not experienced one of the greatest experiences of fishing, you owe it to yourself to go out and give it a try.

Top water lures can be productive through out the year when surfacing fish are present, Normally you will see this at dawn or dusk and especially on cloudy or foggy days.

Some of my Favorite Topwater plugs are the 7" Redfin, Yo-Zuri Mag Popper and the Zara Spook and the  Bigger Rapalas.

Some other popular artificial baits include Bucktail Jigs, Strikeking, CC and Castmaster Spoons, Deep running Crank Baits, spinner baits with trailers and Soft Swim Baits.

If you are into trolling with your outboard motors for Striped Bass, a method that is used on the eastern seaboard which has made its way to inland lakes is the Umbrella Rig.
Other good trolling lures are your deep running crankbaits and swim baits.

Be aware of the water temperatures when selecting lures.

With water temps in the 40s and low 50s, downsizings is the way to go.
Stripers are usually feeding on small 1- 2 shad in at this temp..
Smaller lures like the hair jigs, a-rigs,  smaller topwater jerkbaits or swimming minnows reeled slowly are a good choice.

When water temps start rising into the high 50s stripers start to get more aggressive and feed on larger 5" -7" gizzard shad. Start increasing the size of your lures. Use larger topwaters.

If you are seeing Striped Bass deep try jigging spoons, hair jigs and blade baits.
Some of the favorites include CC Spoons and Kastmasters.

Rattling baits, such as Diamond Shads, Rattlin Rapalas and Rat-L-Traps are good versatile choices. These are great lures for covering water fast and can be very effective when vertical jigging.

When deep water jigging, I recommend a sensitive rod with some good backbone.

I also downsize my fishing line to 12-15lb test since it keeps you in better contact with your lure.
The sensitive rods key role is detecting the slightest hit
I have caught stripers as far down as 90ft. and it is amazing how soft of a hit a 25lb striper at that depth can feel.

Remember, it is very important to keep contact with your lure on the fall since they rarely hit it on the rise.

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