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More than two-thirds of the Commercial striped bass harvest is landed by fishermen from Maryland and Virginia.
The highest quality stripers are caught in the late fall and winter.

Make the most of your fish dinners at home with delicious wild-caught striped bass.
You can have them delivered to your front door.
Fillets or whole fish are available.

Choose from several suppliers.

Anderson Seafoods

Aquabest Fish Seafood Market - Farm Raised Striped Bass - Available March April May June and July


A domestic brood stock of striped bass (Morone saxatilis) has spawned and resulted in the production of domestic striped bass fingerlings.

About half of striped bass sold in markets is farmed and referred to as hybrid striped bass.

Keo Fish Farm in Keo Arkansas is the largest producer of hybrid striped bass in the world.
Between 100 million and 120 million hybrid striped bass fry are spawned annually.

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