Fishing For Striped Bass in Fresh Water.


Striped Bass Fishing in Fresh Water Lakes, Reservoirs and Rivers is the Fastest growing segment in sports Fishing.

Striped Bass fishing is a completely unique experience for inland anglers.

Striped Bass Spawning has always taken place in the fresh water river system since striper run up rivers and streams to broadcast their eggs into the current.

Modern Inland lake and river Striper fishing had its start in the Santee-Cooper River system in South Carolina in 1941, which now consist of 110,000 acre lake Marion and Lake Moultrie at 60,000 acres,  joined by a 7 mile Diversion Canal.  When the dam on the 170,000 acre Santee-Cooper Reservoir was closed,  Striped Bass from the Atlantic were trapped on a Spawning run up the river. Biologists were aware that the stripers were on a spawning run they just assumed that the stripers would die out. However, it was discovered by line breaking tail spacking action after the war that the striped bass were flourishing and reproducing in the huge lake.

Forward thinking Fisheries Biologist transported Striped Bass to the inland lakes and reservoirs across the nation usually for gizzard shad control thru-out the 50's,  60's and 70s starting a new chapter in the amazing history of the striped bass that is still being written today.

Stripers were introduced to Arkansas and Lake Ouachita in 1956.

The most exciting topwater action you will ever have in the world of freshwater fishing is when you get into a school of surface feeding striped bass. Your adrenalin will go into overload as you cast into the splashing boiling surface action of the feeding fish.

The most common Striped Bass fishing technique used in fresh water is anchor or drift fishing with live shad. You find stripers around the flats close to deep water, humps and points. Your typical rig is going to be a 7' heavy rod with a casting or spinning reel spooled with 20-30 lb. test line.

Striped bass are roaming open water fish that can cruise in large schools at speeds up to 7mph. 

Trolling for Striped Bass is another accepted fishing method using weight or no weights swivel, and a 5-6 foot leader with  5″ - 9″ shad.

Since you can not buy shad the trick to live bait fishing with shad is first catching the shad and then keeping them alive  For this you need a good circular bait tank with the proper aeration and filtration and water conditions.

By Ben Sanders

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