Garcia Ambassadeur 6500 Casting Reel


Garcia Ambassadeur 6500 Casting Reel for Striped Bass Fishing.

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C4 Baitcasting Reels a true classic, reinvented with a smoother drag, stronger gearing, and 6-pin centrifugal cast control!
The super smooth Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C4 Classic Round Baitcast Reels are perfect when your fishing requires a quick retrieve.

  • 3 Shielded Stainless Steel Bearings1 Instant Anti Reverse Roller Bearing

  • Precision bearings that meets tolerances of .0002 inch.

  • Instant Anti-reverse

  • Aluminum V Shaped Non-slip spool

  • Precision Swedish Brass Gears

  • Carbon Matrix Drag

  • Chemical Nickel Coated Levelwind System

  • Six Pin Centrifugal Braking System

  • Line Out Alarm on 6500 & 6600 Models

  • 6500C4: Exclusive Product - No Thumbar   High speed 6.3 retrieve

Abu Garcia® Ambassadeur C4 Series

Each model features a three-bearing drive and an additional stainless steel roller bearing for the hook setting power of Instant Anti-Reverse. Each of these reels features Swedish cut brass gears, dual centrifugal weight-spool braking, synchronized levelwind system, lightweight aluminum spools, and a flip-up thumb rest.

Modifications for the Abu Garcia® Ambassadeur 6500's

How far can the 6500 cast?

Tuning the ABU Garcia 6500.

Abu 6500 C3 CT Mag Hi Speed: The Tuning
Boca Bearings

Reel Lubricant:

    The two most common lubricants are grease and oil. Grease is basically oil with a thickener or soap. The thickener acts like a sponge to soak up the oil when not in use.

      What does it do?
      Grease Oil
      helps keep dirt out prevents material wear
      can suspend contaminants requires frequent servicing
      prevents material wear has low torque

      requires little servicing

      does not last as long
      increases torque  
      lasts a long time  

There are two types of Covers on Bearings - Shields and Seals.

The 2 Different Covers on Bearings have quite an impact on the care and Maintenance as well as the longevity of the Bearing.

    Sealed Bearing have a bearing cover that is Rubber or Neoprene and will keep the Elements out of your Bearings, which can make your bearings last longer, however this could create drag on the inner raceway if there is any Contact with the Raceways.

    Shielded Bearing have a metal cover on the Outside of the Bearing and is attached to the bearing either by:
     a Clip (Serviceable) or is Pressed into the Bearing called a Stake Shield (once removed it cannot be re-installed) and is most Common.

    Shields do not keep the elements out as well as a Seal but there is no drag on the Bearing whatsoever making it a Faster Bearing as there is no Contact with the Shield. It is also easier to maintain a Shielded Bearing as you can lubricate the Bearings without having to remove them.


Tuning the ABU 6500CT Mag

There are four ways to control a 6500 CT Mag all four need to be in harmony for things to run smoothly.

They are:

  • Oil

  • Centrifugal brakes

  • Magnets

  • Line level

Use three or four of the standard rare earth magnets, suggest you start with four and drop to three only if you need less magnet power braking. They are held in place on the metal keeper plate by magnetism alone. There are seven spaces for magnets but usually only four or five are actually fitted. Use the positions in the centre of the plate rather than each end. The magnet holder moves via a cam action so with the mags in the middle they move further away than if fitted in the outer spaces when you slide them off as the lead gets away. I normally cast with the slide set on no 4, then ease them off to zero once the lead is well away. When will depend on many things, not least being your own style, ambient humidity and wind direction/speed.

Too thin oil requires more brakes or mags and less line, too few mags means thicker oil and more brakes, You get the picture. Two drops of Yellow Label Rocket Fuel in each bearing. That's the oil in the clear plastic tube with a red stripe that came with the reel. Remove bearings from reel and soak in lighter petrol for five minutes, remove and place on kitchen tissue. Leave for another five minutes for all traces to evaporate then add two drops of the oil and allow to soak in past the dust covers. They are pretty fast reels with this oil but should you find that three magnets and no block is too slow, very unlikely, try replacing the Yellow Rocket Fuel with Tournament grade Rocket Fuel.

Start with one of the standard items that came with the reel in the plastic bag containing the oil and spanner. You will have to balance mags v brakes for optimum performance depending on your style. You can wind off magnets but you cannot alter centrifugal brakes during the cast. Aim to use mags only in due course, but start with one block until you get more feel for how the reel tune suits your style.

This is based on 0.35mm mono. If you are using a premium co-polymer line load up to the top of the spool plus another 10 yards or so. Have a few casts with the magnets full on to stretch and bed in the line before going for the big one. The level is unlikely to drop much. If you use a standard C26 type nylon allow overfill a little more then cast make two or three gently casts with full mags. On the third cast let the lead dig in and give the line a good stretch. Rewind under normal pressure and the level should settle just above the spool lip. If you are using the new USA standard 0.32mm Stren line reduce line level by around 10 percent, corresponding to line diameter. Too much thin line means the level will not drop quickly enough during the cast to offer much in the way of natural braking.

However, all the above is of little use if the spool is out of balance. The importance of spool balance when tuning a fast spool cannot be over emphasized. You have to start off assuming the spool itself is in balance, but it is the initial line lay that invariably determines whether a spool runs like a dream or screams like a stuck pig. First time around set the knot to one side of the spool and wind the line on cotton reel fashion for three of four runs across the spool. Then concentrate on feeding it evenly across the spool and fill her up. Now tape it down with some plastic insulating tape run exactly twice round the spool. It must end immediately over where it starts on the spool, an uneven overlap will put the spool out of balance. Now with the magnets slid all the way off tighten up the star drag, give the handle a good flip and put it into free spool with the spool rotating as fast as you like. It should be perfectly silent with no hint of vibration. If in doubt spin it again, place the reel on a flat surface and listen closely. If it's out of balance it will vibrate and possibly move across the surface in extreme cases. Bad news. Wind all the line off onto another reel and rewind it but rather than an even line lay make it the opposite. Wind on the line but keep it all on the right hand side to make a hump 4mm to 5mm high, then take the line rapidly across to the left and make a similar hump there. Finally a hump in the middle and then even it all out and continue to wind on evenly as normal. Tape down the end, spin and see how it runs this time. If it's still not right try variations of humping left, right, middle or right, middle, left until you achieve vibration free running. You either get it right first time or it may take a little while. Balance is obtained by the lay of the first 20 yards of line. There cannot be to much importance put on this subject.

ABEC rated bearings:
ABEC stands for Annular Bearing Engineers' Committee.
This committee works to determine the standards for bearings for the Anti-Friction Bearing Manufacturers Association (AFBMA).
The ABEC scale classifies different accuracy and tolerance ranges for bearings. There are five ratings in the ABEC scale.

    ABEC Ratings ISO Class
    ABEC1 Class 0
    ABEC3 Class 6
    ABEC5 Class 5
    ABEC7 Class 4
     ABEC9 Class 2

    The ABEC rating  is determined by the following.
    How close the bore is to 8mm in microns
    How close the outer diameter is to 22 in microns
    How close the width is to 7mm in microns
    The rotating accuracy in microns
    The second column of the table lists the corresponding tolerance classes as defined by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization. Both systems are widely used in the bearing industry.

    An ABEC Rating refers to the Grade of the Bearing in Reference to smoothness and Noise.
    The quieter the Bearing and the TIGHTER the TOLERANCES between the Radial Ball Run -In and the Run-out - the Higher the Abec Rating.  Abec is about Quality of Tolerances and an Abec 7 is not faster than an Abec 1

    What makes a Bearing fast is a lighter weight Lubricant. If you use a lightweight Oil it will dissipate faster than grease and you must remember to RE-OIL your reel on a regular Basis.

    A Higher Abec Rating does not Refer to Speed.
    Depending on how fast you want your bearings to go you must decide on OIL (The fastest) or GREASE (The least Maintenance) If you don't keep oil or grease in the Bearings they will run Metal to Metal and will seize from Friction and Heat and break apart



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Garcia Ambassadeur C4 Casting Reel