Holding Tanks for Shad

Striper will hit the most frantic, excited bait they can find.
Bait Tanks can make or break a Striper fishing trip. A poor design bait tank will prevent you from having the quality bait necessary for catching them.

Beginning Oct. 1, 2018, it is illegal to use any live baitfish, including crayfish, in Arkansas.
Unless Caught within the same body of water where it is being used.
Caught in a tributary entering upstream of the waterbody where it is being used.
Or purchased from a licensed dealer selling only certified farm-raised baitfish.
No baitfish is allowed to move upstream past a dam or barrier that prohibits the normal passage of fish.
Always check your states laws on keeping or transportation of live bait

If your tank has the proper Aeration - Circulation - Filtration - Temperature and the right water conditioning you will have - The live bait advantage.

A Good Live Bait Tank will:

  • Be constructed of Rugged Lightweight Polyethylene.
  • Have Double Wall Construction and insulation.
  • Easy to Clean.
  • All Stainless Steel Hardware.

You want the bait tank filter to:

  • Remove deadly organic matter to keep water clear & odor down.
  • Remove ammonia which causes stress and kills your bait.
  • Remove scales and other debris from water.
  • Have a scale screen.
  • Easy access for cleaning and changing filters and screens.

The circulation pump should:

  • Keep the water flow at proper speed for the size of tank you use. You don't want to have too fast of a flow or you will wear the shad out. Try for a steady gentle circular flow.
  • Be easy to access for maintenance.
  • Be dependable.

Selecting the correct pump is essential to circulate water through your filter.
When choosing a pump for filtration, the gph (gallons per hour) of the pump is the most important consideration.
In addition, the type of tank you have will determine what power your pump will need.

You know how much waste shad can generate.
Remember that the more shad you have, the more wastes need to be removed, so you need a more powerful pump. Begin with choosing a flow rate that is twice the gph as the tank size.
Choose a substantial filter with optimum mechanical and biological filtration.

Any heavily stocked tank requires a higher flow rate.

Make note of any additional requirements your filter may need such as a pumping height (head pressure) or a psi (pounds per square inch) maximum, then double check your pump choice to make sure the two will work together.

Some filters may require a pump that handles a higher pressure and flow rate, and have a minimum psi requirement. The filters should have their minimum psi listed on the package.

Pumps run 24 hours a day and are the chief piece of equipment responsible for keeping your tank healthy.

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