Hybrid Striped Bass Feeding Activities

Hybrid striped bass less than approximately 2 inches feed primarily on crustacean zooplankton such as cladocerans and copepods.

Insects of various types and zooplankton continue to be a major part of the diet until the fish are 4 to 5 inches long.
Hybrids switch to fish diet at a very small size. 

However, this transition usually occurs when the hybrids are larger than 5 inches Threadfin shad and gizzard shad are the most common fish prey species. However, many species of forage fish have been found in stomachs of hybrids.
There is seasonal variation in feeding habits with a shift towards larger fish in the winter and summer.

Age and growth Of Hybrid Striped Bass

Hybrid striped bass grow when water temperatures are above 59 degrees.
Optimum growing conditions occur when water temperatures are 77 to 81 degrees.

Hybrid striped bass grow rapidly during their first two years of life.
Growth to 11 to 18 inches in length and 8 oz. to 1 pound in the first year and 18 to 24 in length and 1 1/2  to 2 1/2 pounds in the second year is common.
Growth rate declines rapidly with increasing age and is similar in males and females.

Record weight for a hybrid hybrid striped bass is 27 pounds 5 ounces.
The typical size of hybrids caught by fishermen generally ranges from 2 to 5 pounds,
Hybrid striped bass in the 10 to 15 pound range are common.

The average life span of hybrid striped bass is 5 to 6 years. This is more similar to white bass than to striped bass.

The growth rate of hybrid striped determined by several factors:

  • Water quality
  • Water temperature
  • Quality and quantity of food
  • Type of food
  • Frequency of fish to feeding.

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