Hybrid Striped Bass Habitat

Hybrid Striped Bass Habitat

Hybrid striped bass are stocked into a variety of Lakes, ponds and reservoirs for Fishing purposes.

Hybrids do well in slow moving streams, large reservoirs, lakes and ponds. They are seldom found in extremely shallow areas or areas that contain dense growth of aquatic weeds. Being pelagic in nature they are by and large found in open water areas.
Hybrids are generally most active during periods of low light such as dawn and dusk. Beginning in late winter they tend to concentrate in deep areas near in-flowing streams In the spring may undergo spawning migrations into flowing water areas. Hybrids are fertile and there are reports of successful reproduction in a few reservoirs.

Water quality

Hybrids survive and do well in a wide range of environmental conditions.
A temperature range of 39 to 91 degrees F is acceptable.
Optimum growth occurs within a temperature range of 77 to 80� F.
Hybrids are generally stocked into freshwater systems
They do well in salinities of O to 25 ppt, and some can survive salinities up to full strength seawater(35 ppt).
Dissolved oxygen levels as low as 1 mg/l can be tolerated for a short period of time
Optimum dissolved oxygen levels range from 6 to 12 mg/1.

Hybrid striped bass are stocked into a variety of water quality situations with regard to alkalinity, hardness and pH. Alkalinity values of 100 mg/1or above are preferred but levels less than 20 mg/1 are suitable.
Hardness and alkalinity are usually related and similar values could be given for hardness.
A pH range of 7.0 to 8.5 is optimum for growth, but a much wider range is tolerated.
Hybrids in culture ponds have survived repeated exposure to a pH of 2.5 for short periods of time

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Hybrid Striped Bass Habitat


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