Installing a Depth Finder


Always install the transducer according to the manufacturers installation instructions, poor installation of a transducer instantly makes it the systems weak link.

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Newest Lowrance fishfinder the HDS12 Gen 2 - see relation of the fish and the branches on the brush.

General Installation of a Depth Finder:

Connect the power directly to the starting battery do not splice into an existing power source. Going straight to the main battery avoids noise pick-up from other equipment on the boat. Make sure you have a small inline fuse installed. Fuses are cheap compared to the price of a depth finder.

Try to isolate your power and transducer cords away from other electric wires such as the power leads to the electric trolling motors. This can be frustrating but try and organize the mess of wires to the best of your ability, you will be happy you did in the end.

Mount the depth finder in an easy to see location. If using a fixed mount, try using just one screw, in the middle of the mounting bracket. This will allow you to swivel it back and forth while you are fishing the first time until you find the angle that works best. Make sure you have plenty of clearance around it before permanently fixing the location.

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