Lake Dardanelle Striper Fishing

Striped Bass Fishing on Lake Dardanelle is virtually untapped as far as fishing goes, stocking of stripers started in the 70s when AGFC Riley Donahoo and fisheries biologist Andrew Hulsey had fingerling Striped Bass flown in from south Carolina and put into the newly formed Lake Dardanelle.
They thrived reproduced and migrated up and down river.

Lake Dardanelle spreads westward behind Dardanelle Dam into Pope, Yell, Logan, Johnson, and Franklin Counties. Two miles wide in places, it reaches 50 miles upstream to the Ozark-Jeta Taylor Lock and Dam and has 315 miles of shoreline. It has nearly 35,000 acres of striper habitat and is lined with choice picnic and camping areas.

Most Parks have drinking water, toilet facilities, and picnic tables. Several have boat launch ramps, trailer dump stations, electrical sites with water, and group picnic shelters. Public boat docks offer boat and motor rental services, fuel, food, and other supplies and services.

Stripers weighing up to 20 pounds show up frequently and fish weighing two to six pounds are common.

Stripers can be found around the mouths of larger tributaries, such as the Illinois Bayou and Piney Creek. The waterworks damn up the Illinois Bayou, a short distance from entering Lake Dardanelle, is a known location where stripers are located year round.

Below the dam the stripers will stack up in large numbers during running water and the fishing can make you hide your rod to rest.

Fish up to about 20 pounds show up pretty regularly and fish in the 5 to 15-pound range tend to keep Striper fishermen busy.

During heavy water-flow situations, when stripers are in the tailrace, cast toward the dam and keep the grub as close to the top as possible. Allow the water flow to work the lure downstream, and reel drop and pop the grub while fished downstream.

Boats are not allowed in the 100 yard area from the dam so concentrate your efforts from the 100 yard mark down a mile or so. Fish rips between current lines, on the backsides of sunken rock piles and in cuts in the banks.  River Fishing Tips for Stripers

Bucktail jigs or Storms minnow-bodied baits on leadheads will work beneath the surface. Depending on current, adjust your weight size from 1/2 ounce to 1-1/2 ounces.

Cast along overlook wing dams within the first few miles downstream of the dam, especially if water is running. Stripers will hold along break lines formed by the rock walls and ambush shad as they come by.

Stripers will hold around lays and submerged cover off banks. When the stripers are working on the river in the quite morning hours, you can hear them tail spacking over several acres. You might have several lines out and every one of them will hook up with a fish.

Striper fishing on Lake Dardanelle with the population reproducing itself since the seventies is loaded with stripers waiting for you to create some awesome memories

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Striped Bass Fishing on Lake Dardanelle