Hybrid Striped Bass Fishing on Lake Degray

Lake DeGray is a featured hybrid striped bass lake for Arkansas. The hybrid striped bass is a cross between the female striped bass and the male white bass.

Although hybrids Stripers do not grow quite as large as the True stripers, they tolerate warmer water and are high angling quality.

Lake DeGray has 31,800 total acres of land and water. There are 14,000 acres of land at the project which are open to the public for hunting.

 Lake Degray State Park and lodge is one of Arkansas Premier Vacation places.

How to identify white bass, striped bass and hybrid bass.

Lake DeGray  flood control and power reservoir was included in Senate Document Numbered 117, 81st Congress, 1st session, as a feature of the comprehensive plan of improvement for the Ouachita River and Tributaries, in Arkansas and Louisiana. This project was authorized by the River and Harbor Act of 1950. The inclusion of municipal and industrial water supply as one of the project purposes was authorized by the Water Supply Act of 1958, approved 3 July 1958, as amended by the Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendment of 1961, approved 20 July 1961.

The DeGray Project consists of a multipurpose reservoir with project purposes of flood control, power, water supply, recreation, and navigation. A downstream re-regulating dam is included for the re-regulation of flows for continuous water supply and pump-back storage for power. Initial construction of the project began 29 June 1962, and placed in commercial operation March 1972.

Lake Degray Dam

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