Lake Hamilton Winter Drawdown

Entergy has done annual draw downs of Lake Hamilton of 3-5 feet for over 20 years.
Lake Hamilton water level draw downs are necessary for a number of reasons, most of which have to do with maintaining and improving the beauty and recreational qualities of the lakes.

The annual drawdown of lakes Hamilton and Catherine for 2013 - 2014 will be 5 feet.
Both lakes will be slowly lowered from Nov. 5 through Nov. 13.

Entergy gradually lowers the lake at a rate of approximately 4-6 inches per day. The water released through the dams will be used to generate emission-free, low-cost hydroelectric power.

Entergy will return the lakes to their normal summertime levels in early March 2012.
In addition to facilitating shoreline maintenance and inspection, the annual drawdown is part of a plan to help control nuisance aquatic vegetation.

Entergy coordinates the annual winter drawdown with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.
Fisheries, vegetation, facility management and downstream water needs are the key factors considered in deciding the drawdown’s depth and timing.

Property owners needing further information on the drawdown schedule or shoreline permitting guidelines and applications for lakes Hamilton or Catherine can call Entergy Arkansas’ hydro operations office at 501-844-2148 or visit the hydro operations website at

Eurasian water milfoil:

In the mid 1990s aquatic vegetation began to be a real problem in Lake Hamilton, covering swimming areas, clogging boat docks and generally fouling the shallower waters.

Intensive research by the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission and Entergy  lead to a Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan.

The Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan called for the use of more extensive winter draw downs and the stocking of grass carp by the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission as the primary methods of “whole-lake” nuisance vegetation control.

The plan was successful and by 1997 a significantly southern naiad reduction occurred in the southern half of the lake, but in recent years a new species of nuisance underwater weed has appeared.

Invading the northern half of Lake Hamilton, Eurasian water milfoil, which is not native to the United States and is rapidly spreading down the lower Ouachita River system. Unlike the native Southern naiad, milfoil is more resistant to winter kill and is not favored by grass carp. In response, Entergy and the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission determined in 2002 that two consecutive years of more aggressive 9-footdrawdowns were needed to slow and hopefully reduce this explosive growth.

Entergy understands that many feel that an annual 9-foot drawdown would be excessive, and for that reason we have never intended to make them an annual occurrence. However, research suggests that to be effective against milfoil, draw downs should occur on a prolonged and regular basis. While 9-foot draw downs are effective, they do not completely eradicate milfoil, which unfortunately, grow to depths of 12 feet.

 Entergy also has a drought contingency plan which allows a reduction in its required continuous minimum flow from Remmel Dam if severe drought occur.

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