Live Bait Tank Water Filtration

There are 3 basic types of methods to filter water in live bait tanks.

Use of Live Bait and Transportation of live bait Laws in Arkansas Effective October 1st 2018.
Always check your states laws on the use of live bait.

Filters are the health of your bait tank. Filters maintain the nitrogen cycle and improve water quality for healthy frisky bait fish. Filter material is the heart of filtration and determine the quality of water flowing through your tank.

Whether your bait tank is 30 gallons or 1000 gallons water quality is critical.
The secret to maintaining optimum water quality in any bait tank is filtration.

There are three essential filtration stages which will determine the success of your tank.

  • Mechanical Filtration:
    Water is passed through a screen, or a sponge type, or other material, all of which remove larger
    pieces of debris from the water.

  • Chemical Filtration:
    Water is passed through small pieces of carbon or zeolite, which is a natural mineral.
    The carbon or zeolite remove molecules such as ammonia from the water.

  • Biological Filtration:
    The most important step is biological filtration, in which beneficial bacteria eliminate toxic ammonia and nitrite. This is done by certain types of bacteria that live in or on material in the tank or surface of the tank
    or best of all on BIO-Wheels.

The amount of filtration needed to maintain your depends on a number of variables...among them tank size, maintenance habits, bait size and population and your individual experience level.



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