Live Wells for Stripers

Stripers must have flowing water/oxygen over it's gills.

Striped Bass can not rack the water over its gills in a still position like a large mouth can.
Stripers have to swim all the time if a striper ever stops swimming, it will die.
Live well system in today's bass boats are simply not large enough nor do they provide the correct air/oxygen flow for a striper to survive.

The "Striper Tube" is the only device I am aware of to keep stripers alive.
The device is 40 inches tall and 12 inches wide, hold 12 gallons and water and comes with a pump.
The Striper Tube was designed by Warren Turner President of the National Striped Bass Association  with help from the South Carolina fishery biologists for striped bass.

The basic concept is that it controls the stripers and calms them down by putting them in a dark environment with their balance upset (Striper goes into tube head first and stands on its nose). The striper tube directs the flow of oxygen enriched water across their gills so that they can breath and survive. The Striper Tube uses only 11-gallons of water to keep a 20-30 pound fish alive for hours in a small confined area.
This concept is the same as "unnaturally" placing an oxygen tube to a person while recovering or in a weakened state such as in a hospital. Striper Tubes work and the stripers live to fight another day. 

The Striper Tube has been used in many striper tournaments through out the US and has proven to keep stripers alive for over 48 hours.

Lactic acid builds up in stripers during the fight causing muscle cramps similar to that of a long distance runner who stops suddenly after a long run. The theory is that a Striped bass held on his head in a vertical position ceases to struggle and relaxes. During the holding period the theory is that lactic acids are able to flush from muscle tissue.

No fish ever abused a lure or fisherman like  "OLE Linesides"

The Spirit of Striped Bass has impressed me.

Please Practice Catch and Release when possible....
Most of all Create Cherished Memories
There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart.....pursue those."

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