Local Fishing "Slang"


 Some local fishing "Slang"

I doubt you'll find many of these in Webster's-----Come on send some in. 
 I know you've got some "good-uns," cast me an e-mail and I'll add them ..
 " Keep em clean"  I'll be glad to use your name "added by" if you like.

Kicker Bite:
A term used by Bass Tournament Anglers describing a large bass (usually 5 or more pounds) to add to a caught limit of bass to increase the total weight in weight.

Tourney Tom:    Submitted by:  Britt Spiers
The second cousin to the Weekender and the Power Ranger. For some reason he is entitled to more than everyone else on the Lake, Ramp, Marina, Pier. Never buys anything on the Lake, uses up all of the parking, cuts off all of the regulars on the water, and leaves all of his trash behind for city taxpayers to pick up. I guess all of the patches on his jacket are considered badges.

Mrs. Greer:    Submitted by: Britt Spiers
When you are on fish, and a little ole lady pulls in on your party, and throws right where your last fish came from. " You have been Mrs. Greer-ed"

     Submitted by:  Britt Spiers
One who lines you up on a spot you have been fishing for years. Only to find him and his family there the following weekend.
Launch rookie: 
Submitted by: Randy Baste
 The guy that starts unloading his stuff while on the launch ramp. Can take this guy an hour to load or unload his boat.  

A bothersome, arrogant creature that hibernates from about mid-September to mid-June, emerging most often around holiday weekends. Weekenders are more likely to be jet-skiers, sun worshippers and sightseers who believe it is their life’s mission to muck up your fishing, the roads and make a general nuisance of themselves.
Note:  This term does not apply to courteous fishermen and water users who actually know what they are doing or are at least trying to figure it out.

Green Meanies:
This term refers to the small green sunfish that never get over about 3"and will constantly strip the bait off your hook when fishing for bream

Ouachita Plates: 
This refers to the bream that come out of  Lake Ouachita about the size of a dinner plate.

 When a fish just mysteriously falls off the hook, even though the rod was bent and no slack given...a sad, silent occurrence, but fairly common.

Doodle Socking:
Old Black Bass fishing method used in bottom land oxbow lakes and waters with a lot of buckbrush where the angler would use a stout cane pole from10 to12 foot with about 6-12 inches of line with a top water bait tied on. They would normally work in pairs one angler sculling the boat silently along the edge of the brush while the other would get his bait as far back as possible under the brush and start working the bait as noisy as possible and even beat the water with the end of his pole. (So much for telling the kids to keep quite huh.)  "Man" I have seen some old pictures and heard stories of some "...Fantastic Giant Black Bass..." from the Arkansas River oxbow  lakes and the old timers tell me the "big uns" got away.

P.S. In the mid 50's I had the pleasure of riding along in a leaky old wooden boat with my Father and uncle as they doodle-socked an old river lake in lower Arkansas. They filled the boat with Bass, "absolutely filled the boat".  Of course in the fifty's in lower Arkansas  it was no big deal. My job was to string up the bass and keep track of the stringers (there were several stringers) as we drug through the shallows. It was an important job. We walked to and from the boat from the old farm house and on the return trip a long pole was used to wrap the stringers around, so my dad and uncle could carry them home on their shoulders.

The art of sticking ones arm in hollow logs or holes underwater and hogging out catfish. !!!! YIKES !!!! I never could get over the Giant snapping turtles that like the same holes.

The all but lost art of using a small short paddle while sitting in front of jon-boat and with out ever taking the paddle out the water moving the boat with no noise.

Limb Bream / Wood Bass:
The art of catching under water tree limbs and logs. Hard to clean, Have to boil a long time, Don't taste good.

Squirrel / Bird Nest:

If you use a bait cast reel you know this term well. It happens when the line on the spool tangles on a backlash to the point of looking like a Squirrel or Bird's nest.

Professional Override:
The Modern day Angler term for the Squirrel or Birdnest.

Rock Snot:
  The super slippery coating present on continually wet rock .

   A fisherman/woman who won't even bother to leave their homes without verified and confirmed reports of at least 3 previous days of blitzing fish. They also need to know exactly where, exactly when, and exactly what to throw....if you could put their feet in your old boot prints, it would be appreciated by them. Needless to say,  Homers don't fish much ;-)

You know them, they always want to go with you, but when you call them you hear "I don't know It might Rain" or .........  

   When Stripers are exploding on but not getting the top water baits.

  When a big striper hits a top water bait.

  Many types of vegetation and flotsam that can mess up your fishing. The green leafy stuff that most resembles actual lettuce is the least of your headaches...it's the stringy, small pieces choking your fishing areas that will send you home pulling out your hair!

Air Hanky:
   A method of removing mucus from your nose in the event that your long sleeves are no longer conducive to wiping your nose on them. It's not a pleasant thing to see, but sometimes it can buy you some time till you can get to a tissue!

 There are many names for this finest of God's creations, the female of our species! This term was coined on one of those cold striper hunts a few years ago, we looked longingly at a fine specimen, certain that she could drive the cold from our hands...thus, the name.

   You've seen these on the local lakes and in the bass tournament. They forget anyone else is on the lake except them, normally come equipped with a 200+ H.P. motor on bass boats  going wide open.

   Sorta like weekenders, they just don't see anyone else on the water but themselves.

Power Rangers:
   Kin to the Bass-hooligans, Always running their boats wide open from launch to launch from spot to spot. Normally they will be in front of their boat dropping the trolling motor and making cast before the boat settles to a stop.

Lake Runners:
This is the Angler who runs from spot to spot speeding into an area cutting the big motor jumping to the front slamming the trolling motor into the lake makes 4 cast and is off to the next spot. If you notice they follow each other around the lake one after another doing the same thing to the same spot while you sit quietly close by catching fish.

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