Mechanical Live Bait Tank Water Filtration


Mechanical Filtrated Water is passed through a screen, or other material which removes larger pieces of debris or scales from the water.

The materials of mechanical filters are inert - this means that the material the filter is made of will do nothing to interfere with your water chemistry.
The most important thing to remember about mechanical filters is that the smaller the pores, the faster the filter clogs.

Mechanical filters should be cleaned regularly, and replaced as necessary.

Mechanical filtration can greatly improve the health of most bait tanks, and is also important for the efficiency of your biological filtration.

The mechanical filter process is simple:

Mechanical Filters strains solid debris such as fish excrement, scales and other debris as water passes through it where it can be easily removed and rinsed or replaced.

This not only reduces the amount of solids in your water, it helps keep debris from reaching your biological media, building up, and creating dead spots where nitrifying bacteria can't reproduce.

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