Minn Kota i-Pilot GPS Trolling Motor Control System.

I-pilot control system the ultimate in hands-free operation. A GPS-enabled replacement head for current MinnKota electric drive bow-mount trolling motors, including the Terrova, Powerdrive V2, and Riptide ST/SP motors. Minn Kota iPilot is compatible with motors manufactured in 2007 and forward. The installation is easy enough that anyone should be able to accomplish it quite easily.


Minn Kota i-Pilot Link Integrated GPS Trolling System - Riptide ST  SPSpend less time positioning your boat and more time fishing!

Minn Kota i-Pilot Link Integrated GPS Trolling System enables your Minn Kota trolling motor, Humminbird® fishfinder, and LakeMaster® Digital GPS map cards to communicate with each other.
The i-Pilot Link Integrated GPS Trolling System delivers automatic boat control plus the power to find, store, and revisit your favorite fishing spots and tracks.
Control it all from the wireless remote or from your Humminbird fishfinder.

Store Spot-Locks, Waypoints, and iTracks on your Humminbird fishfinder or internally in the i-Pilot control head.
i-Pilot Link is compatible with Minn Kota Terrova, PowerDrive V2, Riptide® ST, and Riptide SP bow-mount trolling motors.
Most Ethernet-equipped Humminbird fishfinders; and i-Pilot Link enabled LakeMaster Digital GPS Maps. Advanced AutoPilot for i-Pilot Link Keeps you on a chosen heading while compensating for wind, waves, current, and side drift.

CoPilot for iPilot Link Allows you to take wireless control of speed, steering, and on/off from anywhere on the boat.

Cruise Control for i-Pilot Link Allows you to make perfect speed-controlled bait presentations.



Features of the Minn- Kota i-Pilot

  • Record a track:

Simply push the Record button and fish along your desired course. i-Pilot will store that track to memory (up to three separate tracks). When you want to retrace a course, i-Pilot Playback functions will automatically guide your boat down the track. With the Record Track feature you can fish up to a 2 mile track while recording the trip and store it in memory so you can go back to it later. Up to 3 different tracks can be saved at once. i-Pilot can record your track (A to B), and then retrace the path automatically. To retrace your path in either direction, just press the Track to Start or Track to End buttons.

Spot-Lock works like an electronic anchor. With the push of a button, Spot-Lock will keep you on the fish. Spot-Lock Recall lets you return to that spot later. If your boat happens to drift 5 ft from you position, the i-Pilot will make the trolling motor go back to the designated spot. You can save up to 3 Spot Lock locations.

Select and maintain a consistent speed for optimum bait presentation with cruise control, and use the legendary speed and steering functions of Minn Kota® CoPilot™ to precisely control your boat. Another new feature that comes with this units is Cruise Control. It maintains on the water speed in 1/10 mph increments.

 Just point your trolling motor in the direction you want to head and activate Advanced GPS based AutoPilotâ„¢  i-Pilot will keep you on your heading and delivers you there with GPS accuracy, compensating for wind, waves, currents or drift. Advanced GPS AutoPilotâ„¢uses a series of waypoints to maintain a heading, even through waves and wind. The remote control will allow anglers to control speed and direction from anywhere in the boat.

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