World Record Striped Bass Caught.



A world record striped bass (salt water) was certified by the IGFA as the all-tackle world record. 

The striper, caught by North Branford, Connecticut resident Greg Myerson on August 4. 2011 and certified by International Game Fish Association (IGFA) on Oct. 18, 2011 measured 54 inches and weighed 81.88 pounds. current All-Tackle World Record Striped Bass  was caught by Greg Myerson in Westbrook, CT.

Myerson's fish beat the existing striper record of 78 pounds 8 ounces, which was set by Al McReynolds on Sept. 21, 1982,  Atlantic City, New Jersey. McReynolds fish measured 53"  in Length with a  34 1/2"Girth weighing in at 78 lbs 8oz.

According to a Connecticut Post blog, Myerson caught the fish off a boat, using live eel as bait between Milford and East Haven.
Myerson brought the striped bass to Jacks Shoreline Bait & Tackle in Westbrook, Connecticut .

Catching the World Record Striped Bass with pictures by Greg Myerson
"The gaping mouth and belly on the 54-inch fish were incredible" Report by Kierran Broatch

World Record Striped Bass! Exclusive Photos: Field and Stream.

Will this striped bass be a new world record?





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