Cotton Cordell Red Fins.

Choice of the Striper Guides on Lake Ouachita.
One of the most popular Striped Bass baits ever made.

Cotton Cordell Red Fin MinnowThe Cotton Cordell Red Fin Minnow.
Cotton Cordell Red Fin Minnow The Red Fin Minnow is a classic V-wake lure from Cotton Cordell that calls trophy bass to the surface. The Red Fins hollow head design allows it to be twitched and worked on the surface like no other minnow lure. Quality components and a highly-detailed finish includes red markings to simulate gill plates add to the Red Fin Minnows effectiveness. Three hooks

Cotton Cordell Red Fins pulled with a steady wobbling V-wake will consistently take Striped Bass.
The wobble and rolling motion is an ideal imitation of a wounded bait fish.
When cast into a school of breaking Stripers or worked over humps and off points the Red Fin is hard to beat.

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Size: 7" Weight: 1 oz.
Rainbow Trout, Chrome/Blue, Chrome/Black
Red Head, Smokey Joe, Gold/Black, Pearl Blue.

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