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Use of Live Bait and Transportation of live bait Laws in Arkansas Effective October 1st 2018.
Always check your states laws on the use of live bait.

SHAD-KEEPER™ formula contains all the necessary "electrolytes", including some salt. Shad need other electrolytes besides just salt. Shad have zero tolerance for ammonia. this product contains numerous different electrolytes other than salt and also removes ammonia.
The foam buildup is a result of protein in the water. These fish produce a lot of slime, which is protein, and this causes foam to build up.
Foam in the bait tank must be removed or the fish will suffocate from lack of oxygen.
90% of the oxygen transfer occurs at the surface of the water, and the presence of foam on the surface will interrupt that transfer.
SHAD-KEEPER™ has foam inhibitors built into the formula.

  • Removes Ammonia.
  • Adds All Necessary Electrolytes.
  • Removes Harmful Surface Foam.
  • Keeps Bait Frisky.
  • Reduces Losses.
  • Removes Harmful Chlorine And Heavy Metals.
  • Stimulates A Natural Slime Coat.
  • Also Works On Blue Back Herring.
  • Enhances Oxygen Content Of Water.
  • Hardens Scales.

SHAD-KEEPER™ totally condition shad holding water. Ammonia and surface foam are two of the key reasons these types of baitfish are hard to keep alive. No other products are necessary, and complete success can be obtained in keeping the bait alive.

Use one tablespoon of per gallon of water, or one cupful (9.5 Ounces) per 20 gallons of water.
If fish are of poor quality, double the recommend dosage.

Other helpful hints include:

  • When catching or purchasing shad, stay with in 10°F of original source of water.
    This will help decrease initial shock.
  • Do not overcrowd net with fish.
  • Round or oval shaped tanks work best in keeping shad alive.
  • Always wet hands before handling shad.
  • Maintain cool water temperatures,  60's / 70s if possible.
  • Maintain caution if doing partial water changes, so that pH of water is not changed drastically on shad.

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