Striped Bass Research Articles and Reports

Striped Bass Fishing in Fresh Water Reservoirs, Rivers and Lakes.

  • Exploitation and natural mortality of striped bass in the Santee-Cooper system, South Carolina. 
  • Biology of Striped Bass in Arkansas
  • Assessment of the 2004 Striped Bass Die-off at Lake Norman, North Carolina
  • A Summary of Striped Bass Sampling Strategies Used on Southeastern Reservoirs
  • Hooking Mortality and Physiological Responses of Striped Bass Angled in Freshwater and Held in Live-Release Tubes
  • More on Striped Bass and Crappie Predictions
  • American Fisheries Society: Effects of Simulated Removal of Striped Bass from a Southeastern Reservoir
  • American Fisheries Society: Size-Dependent Mechanisms Influencing First-Year Growth and Winter Survival of Stocked Striped Bass in a Virginia Mainstream Reservoir
  • Striped Bass Coexisting Well With Crappie On Weiss Lake
  • Special Striped Bass Regulations in Tennessee.
  • Striped bass in Texas: a genetics overview
  • Resolving Angler Conflicts in Striped Bass Management
  • The Future of Reservoir Striped Bass Management
  • Oklahoma's Lake Texoma Striped Bass Sampling Program
  • Volunteer Assistance in Striped Bass Management
  • Striped Bass Parasites, Are They Killing Striped Bass Or Just Biologists?
  • History of striped bass fisheries and management in Maryland tidewaters
  • Strategies for Managing Striped Bass and Palmetto Bass Fingerling Rearing Ponds in Golden Algae Impacted Waters.
  • Assessing the interacting effects of population size, forage availability and summer habitat conditions on growth of reservoir striped bass.
  • Evaluating the relative effects of temperature, dissolved oxygen, and forage on growth of striped bass: and application of bioenergetics modeling in four North Carolina reservoirs.
  • Modeling The Spread of a Parasitic Copepod (Achtheres) in a Striped Bass Population
  • Striped Bass Tournaments, Can they be effectively used for Data Collection?
  • The Striped Bass of California 1927 By EUGENE C. SCOFIELD:A report on striped bass fisheries in California. from 1927 thru 1929 complete with charts, tables and pictures
  • Google scholar striped bass lookup

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