Frequently Asked Questions about a Striped Bass Guided trip on Lake Ouachita.

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Frequently asked Questions .

Do I need a fishing license?

How many fish can I keep?

  • The Limit on Lake Ouachita is 3 per person. Lake Ouachita is managed by the AG&FC as a Trophy Striped Bass Lake It does not have the number of small stripers like a Texoma or Mead. Natural spawning does not take place.

Do you use Live Bait or Artificial Lures?

  • Both depending on time of year and what the fish are wanting. Maybe the biggest thrill in fresh water fishing is having a 40 to 50 pound striped bass blow a top water lure out of the water on a rod your holding. The overall best chance to catch a Ouachita trophy striped bass is without a doubt  with large live gizzard shad.

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Do You Catch and Release?

  • Striped Bass are the hardest fighting fish in freshwater, they build up a lot of lactic acid during the fight. Unless you have the right temperature and take the time to release stripers properly, catch and release is not advisable. All fish that bleed or show signs of distress when caught, we keep -  to waste game fish in Arkansas is against the law. We don't waste fish, that's not right. Once a Striper struggles in the boat, we keep it. If fish are lip hooked and healthy during cooler weather, we can release them under the proper conditions. When stripers are feeding on top, we can catch and release if the fish are not distressed and are lip hooked. Stripers caught out of deep water cannot be released and we must stop fishing when limits are caught to keep from killing fish and preserve stripers for future generations.

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What if we catch our limit early, is the trip over?

  • No we are flexible.  A half day trip is 4 - 6 hours launching at or before sunrise. Keep in mind that Includes cleaning fish.

Who cleans the fish we catch?

  • We do, at the end of the trip. We fillet and bag them in freezer bags. Striped Bass have a red blood line that runs through their meat, I take the time to remove this. You need to bring an ice chest to keep them cold on your trip home.

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Are stripers good to eat and do you have recipes?

  • Yes and Yes. Cleaned properly stripers, hybrids and white bass are some of the best tasting fish you can eat. Striped Bass are very popular on the East coast and some very elite restaurants feature them on their menus. Check out these Striped Bass Recipes.

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What do I need to bring?

  • We Provide
    • Boat, gas, rod and reels, artificial and or live bait, life jackets, water, soft drinks, snacks and all needed equipment.
  • The only thing you need to bring is your Fishing License.
    Some suggested items you might want to consider are:
    • Camera
    • Ice chest to take your fillets home
    • Proper clothing for the season.
    • Early mornings in the summer on the lake can be chilly.
    • A lot of mornings in the spring and fall are down right cold and it is best to dress in layers. As the day warms you can always take them off.
    • Wet weather gear if necessary.
    • A wind breaker. A constant wind can get bone chilling.
    • Hat
    • Sunglasses
    • Sunblock.

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How do I book and pay you?

  • For Bookings Call me. 501--318-3092
  • Payment:
    • I do require a deposit. Please See the Rates Page for details.
      Deposits can be done by check or credit card.
      You can send me the entire balance at any time or pay the balance the day of the trip. I will take cash or checks the day of the trip.

What if I have to cancel?

  • Deposit can be transferred in full if Reservations are rescheduled 14 days in advance.
  • Full re-fund if canceled 14 days prior to trip. 

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What time of year is best for catching Stripers?

  • I fish for Striped Bass year round and have had great and slow days every month of the year. For example; On a December day in front of the first severe cold front of the year using top water lures we caught 12 stripers with a combined weight over 360 pounds. On a cloudy July day we caught 6 stripers, on top water lures, with a combined weight of 225 pounds. The most consistent trophy months are mid March, April, Mid May. Stripers like most fish are light sensitive and like cloudy days. Striped Bass can provide good action all year long.

How many people can you take on a trip?

  • Our boats are 22 foot center consoles we prefer no more than four (4 ) adults. Children take up less room and if there is a kid/adult mix we can fish with more people than adults only. I use other guides to help if I have more than 4 adults. With 4 bait fishing will be much easier than lure fishing. Four (4) people throwing lures with treble hooks is just plum scary.

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Where do we meet and at what time?

  • I use the Arkansas State Park to the hi-way 27 ramps depending on season and weather. I try to launch as close as I can to where we will fish.

Can I bring my own rod and reel?

  • Yes you can.

Do you pick up from Houseboats on Lake Ouachita.

  • Yes I do.
    Now depending on where the fish are or if we are having threats of bad weather or faced with a long cold dark boat ride. I might suggest we meet at a boat ramp. Again we are flexible and do whatever it takes for you to enjoy a safe fun trip.

What if I loose or break one of you rods or artificial lures?

  • It happens, rods are lost or broken every year and lots of lures, I take the loss not you.

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Do you charge for children?

  • Children 12 and under are free up to 2 per boat with adult. if you have more or have special events for children call me  501-318-3092. Fishing is a great opportunity to "bond" with your kids and make some lifetime memories. You will not be exposed to foul language or any other "non family" environment.  I have set ups that are very easy for kids and inexperienced fisherman to manage.

Will there be other people I don't bring on the boat?

  • I do not mix guest unless requested. I do use a deck hand from time to time to help out. Unless an unusual situation occurs I do not book two different groups on the same day.  It is your boat for the day. There are times when weather, will delay a start. I will not go out or stay out in Lighting or very high winds. Safety is always the Rule.

What happens if weather prevents a trip?

  • Weather situation happen, It is your trip.
    I will not go out or stay out in Lighting or very high winds. Safety is always the Rule.
    Trips will be rescheduled or deposits refunded your choice.

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