Striper Fishing Boats


The center console boats have been around a long time. In the early years they were mainly used in the oceans, Gulf and great lakes.

The term Striper Boats were a moniker put on the center consoles by people around the large inland reservoirs as striper guides started using them for Striper fishing.

The boats can have various hull designs and interior configurations. Generic names commonly used to identify these designs are: center console, bay, semi-v and tri-hull. V- hulls ride smoother and drier than tri-hulls. Tri-hulls allow maximum deck area and stability while fishing. Then there is the tunnel hull design that allows for shallow water running.

you want your boat to plane off easily and achieves a  good top end speed.  Boat lengths vary to suit the needs of individuals. Striper Boats that range in size from 18 to 24' are good. It can be towed with relative ease, and has sufficient length for open water chop on windy days. A broad beamed boat, ( 6' or wider ), provides a stable fishing platform. It also allows ample storage area and surface fishing space without being crowded.

Striper boat interiors

Interiors must not only allow for room to move about for 4 or more people but also rod holders, equipment, tackle and electronics. Determine the placement and accessibility of the trolling motor, batteries, as well as an onboard charging system. Is there sufficient space for a large bait tank?

With bait tanks, bigger is always better. If a boat doesn’t have room for a min. 30 gallon bait tank, consider a different boat. Striper fishermen use many rods. Be sure of ample room for rod storage and placement of the rod holders. Consider placement of electronics - Sonar, GPS, VHF radio, compass, trolling motor remote box, & cell phone bracket, to name a few.

Finally, can a T-top or Bimini with curtains, be practically mounted on your boat? A partial to full curtain enclosure provides protection from the elements during storms and those cold winter days when the striper bite can be excellent. 


Striper Boats

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