Striped Bass Reproduction Fish Mounts

Fish Replicas by Terry's World Class Taxidermy.
Reproductions in fiberglass of actual fish.
Catch and Release Fish Taxidermy

Terry's Taxidermy
Terry Mayberry
9201 W. Reno
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Fiberglass hand-painted Striped Bass replica mounts can be found in zoos, aquariums, museums, educational institutes, restaurants and homes around the world.
Reproductions Fish mounts are perfect for the angler who wants to promote a "catch and release" philosophy in the sport of fishing. All you need to do is send a photograph with the length and girth of the fish for reproduction and release it for another angler to create memories.

Terry's son JordanThe thrill of tomorrow's memories rests in your hands today. Preserve the timeless memories of the moment. Your trophy can be mounted from your description, measurements and photo.

Maybe your children or grandchildren will catch a fish you released.

Striped Bass mounts from Terry's Taxidermy Oklahoma City. Ok. 405-787-7883Terry's Specializing in Fish Replicas and Fish Skin Mounts.

With over 30 years of experience, Terry Mayberry brings your mounts to life!
Terry selects only qualified, well experienced taxidermists to work for him in his 3,500 sq ft shop with walk-in freezers and a cooler.

Terry's is Oklahoma's top quality deer and elk processing plant as well as full service wild game processing.

The venison smoked summer sausage is very well known for a flavor that is out of this world!

Terry's Taxidermy is a USDA Customs Clearing Center.

Terry's Taxidermy is a check station for Oklahoma Deer, Bobcats and Turkeys.

Terry's Taxidermy offer worldwide shipping and has several pick-up stations for your convenience.

Nothing beats the thrill and satisfaction of fighting and landing a trophy fish and releasing it to live and fight again.

Striper Reproductions are made to look like they are live, swimming fish. It is impossible to tell apart from a skin mount and they'll last forever.
Many fisherman are  replacing  their old skin mounts with quality reproduction mounts.

With huge selection of fish molds, all Catch and Release Fish Taxidermist need is a length and girth measurement, and if possible a color photo of your fish and they will create a beautiful replica that you will be proud to display.

A 30 pound Trophy Striped Bass can be 20 years.
The oldest striped bass on records is over 30 years old.
These fish are special and should be around for the enjoyment and excitement of MORE than one person.

Take at least 3 pictures of the fish. One close up, one at a distance of about 5 feet,
and one next to an object that you can measure, or on a ruler.
If you have one of the new Boca Grip weighing handles take a picture with the grip, weight and fish visible.

Please Practice Catch and Release..

And most of all Create Cherished Memories.

"There are many things in life that will catch your eye,  but only a few will catch your heart.....pursue those."

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