Striper as Table Fare

Fresh Striped Bass - A Delicacy since colonial times.

Striped Bass Recipes for Baked , Broiled , Grilled , Blackened, Smoked , or Fried .

From The Encyclopedia of Fish Cookery" by McClane & deZanger
(New England’s Prospects, William Wood, London, 1634)
"The Striped Bass is one of the best fishes in the Country, and though men are soon tire with other fish, they never do with Striped Bass. It is a delicate, fine, fat, fast fish...pleasant to the pallet, and wholesome to the stomach." 

Fit for a Queen
In 1957 when her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip dined at the Waldorf Astoria , Claude Philippe, the French Chef had 4,500 pounds of striped bass prepared for the royal feast.
Monsieur Philippe served the fish with a champagne sauce surrounded by golden fleurons..
The bass had been caught a scant 24 hours before in the salty waters of Montauk.
Her Majesty pronounced the fish a culinary masterpiece.

Legendary Philadelphia chef / caterer Steve Poses serves striped bass, as an entre on his buffet.
A patron is quoted saying
 "The food is delicious. The fish, especially, is excellent."
The Inquirer calls Poses new undertaking - Bravo @ the Mann - "Among the city's newest and most enjoyable dining experiences."

From "A Catch to Make a Chef's Heart Leap" by A. Hester in The New York Times in 1998.
The wild striped bass is a muscular fish.
"It's very special, because it's not a fish that sits around much.

Some top Chefs say Tasting the wild and farmed striped bass side by side reveals their greatest difference.
The farmed one has more fragile flesh but, many chefs agree, is inferior in flavor. "It's muddy and bland," said Eric Ripert, the chef at Le Bernardin, on West 51st Street.
He will not serve it in his restaurant. Nor will Boulud at Daniel or Moonen at Oceana.
"It tastes more of the protein it eats all day than it does of itself," Mr. Boulud said.
The wild striped bass, on the other hand, is a muscular fish. From A Catch to Make a Chef's Heart Leap by A. Hester in The New York Times on 1/28/98.

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