Striper Seasonal Movements in Arkansas on Lake Ouachita.

Striped Bass have to move to flow water thru their gills making it difficult for the angler to keep up with where they are in Lake Ouachita.
They can be under you boat and in five minutes 100 yards away. Here are a few tips that will help you find striped bass all year long .

Late Winter to Early Spring.
Monitor water temperatures, looking for the warmest water you can find that isn't muddy.
Stripers do not like muddy water and will stay ahead of it as it flows into the lakes after spring rains.
Stripers cannot spawn successfully in most lakes, but they make an attempt to spawn.
They start moving toward their spawning areas, usually in the tail-waters of the upstream dam, rivers or large creek feeds, flats and points when the lake warms into the lower 50s.

Striped Bass spawning activity peeks when the water temp is in the 65 degree range.

As they move, stripers stop and feed along key main-lake structures. Long slow tapering points that connect with the deep lake river channels are especially good. It is always a good idea is to check these points beginning in the middle of the reservoir, working your way up the lake until you locate schools of stripers. Some stripers may stay on long points and attempt to spawn there rather than move into the headwaters.

As the water temp. approaches 60 degrees, look for shallow points in the upper end of the lakes. Clear, flowing water attracts spawning stripers, so don't be afraid to venture into extreme shallows upriver. If these areas are muddy, move back down the lake until you find clear water. Start looking for humps and points, that's where the stripers will be.

Summer Heat.
This is prime live bait time!
Stripers are likely to be deep, locate the stripers on your graph and notice the depth you see them. Then fish just above this depth. Stripers mostly feed up, they seldom go down to take a bait. As Ouachita heats up the stripers move into the water Colum they are comfortable in.

Trolling multiple lines at different depths works. Troll across primary main lake structures, especially humps and points (both shallow and deep), around islands and along bluff banks. All of these spots attract baitfish. Concentrate on the midsection of the lake down to the headwaters. Stripers are likely to be sluggish in warm water, so don't troll too fast.

This is a time of transition for stripers. In deep, clear lakes, the water remains warm longer in early fall, so trolling or live bait is still your best bet. Troll a bit faster and move your lures progressively shallower as the water cools. When it drops down to the mid - 60s , stripers move much shallower and will be catchable early and late in the day on long main lake points and humps, and in the deeper creek arms. Feeding activity is likely to be intense now, so faster moving presentations should draw savage strikes.

When the water temp. drops into the mid-50s, stripers move shallow and feed on bait fish. I don't mean that you fish the banks for them. I mean that they will feed, in many instances near the surface in shallower water. Stripers will attack bait closer to the surface. Key on shallow flats, points, and creek arms.

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