Take a Kid Fishing


Take a Kid Fishing You'll Be Glad You Did.


Teach a child to fish.Taking children fishing can be a rewarding experience. And it’s important to make these trips positive experiences for everyone. Some times, we as adults, get a little wrapped up in daily life and pressures and forget that they are just kids.

Fishing with GrandpaTo help ensure a positive experience, here are some simple tips to keep in mind when taking a Kid Fishing.

Keep it simple!

  • Find areas with a high likelihood of success. Kids need quick action to keep their interest.
    Most children are satisfied catching lots of smaller fish such as bluegills and bream rather than catching fewer, bigger fish such as bass. Catching fish on the first few outings will peak children’s interest and make them look forward to the next trip.
  • Pick a place that is easy to get to, comfortable, and safe. 
  • Provide children with simple tackle in working order. Nothing can be more discouraging to a child than complicated equipment or equipment that doesn't work. A small cane pole, a hook, a split shot, a bobber and a worm or cricket still work very well. The bobber will give a visual focal point to fishing that will hold children's interest longer.
  • Keep realistic expectations when taking young children fishing.
    Realize that children can have short attention spans and may want to move on to something else after a very short time.
    Take time out to explore the area you are fishing.
    Try looking for bugs or animals or even skip rocks across the water.
    You can't expect children to have the same level of enthusiasm you do the first few trips.
  • Don't make fishing a chore for them.
    Don't expect their interest to last all day, let them decide the time. It might be 5 minutes, just don't force them to fish beyond their interest level. Once they are older or show real interest, a six hour or eight hour day-trip may be OK.

Fit the tackle to the child    Bream bitting fast can sparka lot of curosity.

Above all else, have patience.
Don't yell Scream or be critical.
You will be un-snagging lines, baiting hooks, and landing fish for them.
On fishing trips with youngsters, they will get dirty, fall down or even get a little wet.
Let them have fun in a safe way.

By taking time to introduce children to fishing, you may end up with a fishing buddy and friend for life.

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